Outcry Against Idiocy

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who sees the ones who cry out against the idiocy that presently exists throughout the world, and I have compassion upon them. While they are not all representing My kingdom, they have the eyes to see that the world has been overtaken by insanity and those who rule are operating in idiocy.

I do not want people to be ruled by insane idiots, yet when the wicked are in power, then the people are found under the suffering of such leaders. However, when people become overly involved in a multitude of other interests rather than Me, then they are being devoured and destroyed by those interests.

In these times of techno advancements, multitudes are caught up by their interest in the same, and by such, they are deviated and being devoured by demonic powers. There are far more who have been infiltrated by demons than it seems. When leaders are operating under the power of demons, it is easy for them to erupt in insanity and idiocy, causing their subjects to be found in terror and suffering.

I do not want My people to be found in the throes of the wicked; I want them to be ruled by Me. Nonetheless, the world and its leaders will hate My true people. Their intentions are for destruction, and in such, they are behaving in ways that are grossly disturbing and disruptive to ordinary life. The rule of these despotic and insane leaders is full of meaningless bragging as to their own capabilities and conquests.

Of course, My people who are remaining true to the example exhibited by My Son Jesus will not be swept up in the corruption that is so commonplace, nor will they be willing to be ruled by leaders who are full of all manner of wicked and weird policies that reflect their idiotic mindset. Be thankful this day that as those who are being ruled by My Spirit, you will be given the insight into their crafty and cunningly devised schemes to be almighty.

The reality is that fools who rule will not be able to see that they are literally possessed by demons who command and demand of them more and more criminal, brutal, and incoherent leadership over the masses. Therefore, do not be swept up in the daily troubles that beset the world, whereby you come under the influences of the rule of fools and become depressed.

I do not call you to take in all of the insanity and idiocy and let the same crush you into hopelessness and helplessness. Rather, I call you to stand for the truth as the Holy Spirit leads you and be found in praise and honor towards Me. Be knowing of a surety that those who will remain constant in their dedication and consecration to Me will not be found in the clutches of the wicked, whereby they have adopted the covering of the same.

This is not to say that My people will not suffer in these times, for they will be standing for truth and righteousness, and the enemies hate the light they show forth. Despite even captivity under the hands of the wicked, know that as My true ones keep standing, they cannot be captured in their freedom to choose for Me.

Throughout the history of My people of old, many times My prophets prophesied the end of the wicked, and the truth they put forth caused them to even be put to death. However, even in death they remained true and received the rewards stored up in heavenly dimensions for them. Do not be afraid when men will speak evil of you and devise all manner of schemes and plots to persecute, prosecute, imprison, and even martyr you, for you will receive the crown of glory and be found in My divine kingdom.

It is intended that those who are united believers would stand together in the outcry against idiocy that is necessary to keep the entire populace from being engulfed in the rule of fools. As long as people are made aware that I am with them, they are able to stand true to Me despite the vicious and cruel attacks of the wicked.

Realize that the wicked, being as they are, possessed of demons, are capable of extreme and unpredictable mood swings, and they will reflect the insanity and idiocy in their decisions and demonic demonstrations of power lust. Yet, in their hearts they are gripped by fear of losing the powers they are possessed by, because the same give them the stamina to resist righteousness.

Do not believe for one moment that those who are under the rule of demons are clear minded and compassionate. Whenever they act, it is always with motives that are for the destruction, devastation, and damnation of those who come under their powers.

As those who love and serve Me, know that I will be with you even to the end of your journey on this sin-cursed earth as you are willing to give forth the outcry against the idiocy and insanity that are present in these times. The world will always have its political power plays that show forth the futility of nations without Me.

Men who are driven by demons are never going to be as the ones who are focused on Me and ruled by My Spirit. Instead, they are going to self-destruct because the very demons who empower them have enslaved them to the extent that they are totally incapable of returning to the sanity and safety that are found in and through Me.

Be glad even this day that you do not need to be fuming and fussing as those who are trusting in the systems of men. Rather, you can live in the peace that passes understanding.