Trust Me to Provide and Protect

I speak unto you this day and I say that I want you to trust Me, for I am the One who will provide for you and likewise protect you. If you consider how many people are continually fretting, fuming, and fearing what shall become of them from one day to the next, be thankful that you have Me. I do not want My people to live in the fears that are besetting the heathen and grab hold of believers who do not put Me first.

If you consider the uncertainty and the tyranny of these times, of course, people have nothing more than to grab at one delusion or another. So many are hoping for the end of the world and are living as though there is no tomorrow, so they must eat, drink, and be merry as they wait for death. It is tragic that men and women have rejected Me to the point that they become rebels and are increasing in iniquity on a daily basis.

Needless to say, the more degraded and debauched people become because they are ruled by demons, the more they sink into depression and despair. Then, to them death seems as though it will be a great big party. However, they have been blinded, and their delusions will end them in hell. Hell is not a place to party; hell is the place of eternal and everlasting torments and torture as people are faced with their own sins, and there is no escape.

I do not want My people to be found in hell in the end; I want them being guided forth by My Spirit and trusting in Me as their provider and their protector. Stop and consider how many are reaching out to one thing or another and believing that such things will somehow provide for them. However, for all of their grasping and grabbing, they are found in the desperate straits that are ever present to cause them sorrow and emptiness.

Likewise, consider the various means that people are grabbing to protect themselves: from life and health insurances, to weapons, to hired guards, and even to cartel protection associations. All the while, they are living in fears and uncertainty, and by such, some are literally driven to insanity.

It is indeed tragic to see where people who refuse to trust Me end up. While they are wise in their own conceits, they are fools, for they are looking only to what they can do; they are not looking to what I can do. Remember, it is Me the Living God who is indeed well able, and there is no good thing that I do not provide for the upright. Likewise, it is Me who is the One who protects My people in times of trouble, in the midst of storms, and in the daily pressures of life on earth.

Of course, because I have given to people the will to choose, most choose to be self-reliant or, if they are more lazy, reliant on the arm of flesh of someone or some other source. They do not realize that such are traps from which they may never escape if they are stubborn and rebellious towards Me.

If you really consider the troubles that are available in these times, know that I do not want you to be partaking of such when you are meant to keep your focus upon Me. I absolutely do not want you bogged down in the cares of this life that are very cruel and oppressive and take people down the road to mental and physical oppression.

Some become so obsessed with being the best providers that they have no time for the ones they assume must have them to provide. In such obsessions, many die prematurely and end in hell because they refused to trust in Me.

I am very sensitive to the mistrust, the doubt, and the unbelief that people give themselves unto. Such motivations caused by pride and demonic input are offensive to Me because men and women are assuming that they must be the source rather than I. I do not expect people to be so driven with the cares of this life that they become careless and calloused towards Me.

Why do people participate in emotional child neglect because they are so obsessed with being providers? It is because of pride. Likewise, they are guilty of relationship neglect because they are driven by proud demons who tell them just “how great they are.”

Those who are aware of their own human frailties and weaknesses will understand that I am the One who will provide and protect them, and that as they are trusting Me, they can do My will and not their own.

I do not want those who are claiming to love Me be guilty of neglecting their relationship with Me and settling for rote religion in order to appease Me. Be aware that I am not appeased when people give to Me the paltry sacrifice in the form of rote religion when they are meant to be in relationship with Me.

The insanity that is ruling in these times throughout the world and the perversity that comes of the same is because those who are given the privilege to rule are doing so in cruelty and oppression. There are few and far between who are actually sowing unto goodness. The majority are sowing unto wickedness and by the same are bound in trespasses and sins.

I do not want people to pursue wickedness while they are shunning Me. To put Me aside or try to lock Me in a box is utter stupidity, for I am the endless God, and I will not be locked down, nor will I be cast aside. The ones who imagine they get by with their cunning yet clumsy efforts at “God control” are totally foolish. No man nor woman controls Me now, nor will they ever be able to gain that position.

When they believe they have achieved such, they will find themselves under My wrath, fury, and indignation. Do not be caught in the world’s troubles and torments. Be found trusting in Me.