The Trusting Are Triumphant

I speak unto you this day and I say that those who are trusting in My words to them will be proven to be the triumphant. This is because they are not rejecting My commands and dictates, nor offering to Me excuses. Therefore, they will know the victories that I provide, come of obedience to Me, and their obedience is proof that they are trusting and not suspicious of Me.

I do not want anyone to be suspicious of Me as though I cannot help them. I can, and when any people are cleaving to Me, they are not made ashamed. Rather, they are uplifted, directed, and guided forth by a plain path and given the light upon the path.

There are many people who do not continue trusting in Me, for they yield to the voices of demons that want to pump them full of doubt, fear, and unbelief. After they receive the initial input by demons, they continue to pay heed to such, and by the same are taken into mistrust and literal accusations against Me as their Maker.

If you stop and consider, how is it that people want to refute Me after they have been given mercies by Me? It is because they listen to demonic powers, and by the same they are infused with pride, as though they had such great and endless capabilities.

Those who are always suspicious of Me are showing that they are trusting in demons rather than the Holy Spirit that I give to lead and guide My people. Those who are rebuked for their unbelief yet they continue in their mistrust and accusations against Me are proving through their pride and contempt towards Me that they are not worthy. They are living in the space whereby they are proving by their actions that they are too proud to believe Me.

If you stop and consider how many miracles and mercies I give to the trusting, it is truly goodness being openly displayed. Those who have sought and fought the good fight of faith are going to be uplifted and made glad each day because they have kept their trust and confidence in Me. Do not think that those who have kept trusting Me have had an “easy time of it.” They have not. However, because of their persistence in believing in Me, they know what it is to triumph and see the enemies defeated.

Oftentimes, the biggest enemies that attempt to defeat My people are the evil spirits of sickness, disease, and debilitation, whereby they are hindered by the forces that want them to be casualties who end up dead prematurely. Be aware that there is healing for those who will trust Me and by the same receive such miracles and mercies as I have in preparation.

I have so many good things that I desire to bestow upon My people, and it is a shame that they do not receive such as I want to give them. This is because they are so willing to yield to unbelief, doubt, fear, and accusation against My words to them. Rather than trusting Me as their Creator, they are yielded to the devils that want to see them turn out to be the enemies of My purposes.

There are many who grow bitter because they are believing the liar and they are not believing in Me. This is indeed a sad thing, and many who were called of Me end up dying in bitterness and pain because they did not obey My words and therefore did not receive the healing I wanted to give them.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to be adhering only to your own desires and following the dictates of pride and partaking of the poison of demons. I call you to serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude and by the same to be rejoicing and knowing that it is by My Spirit you are guided.

If you consider that I give you My Spirit to guide you forth, then remain alert and alive to the commands of the same. It is not My intention that My people undergo tormenting and painful diseases and sickness. It is My intention that My people would call upon Me and be healed. It was demonstrated through the prophets of old and through My Son Jesus that I the Living God can defeat the demons of death and restore life.

I do not want to see people who are claiming to believe in Me caught up in the throes of torment that comes with sickness and disease. How much better it is when people are trusting Me and their faith is in My words to them and not in the arm of flesh.

Keeping these things in mind, do not hold to bitter attitudes and memories. Rather let those things go and be thankful that it is Me that you can serve and obey each day. You are not meant to be brought down; you are meant to be uplifted and enabled to give testimony as to My goodness towards you. Therefore keep trusting, and see that as you are made triumphant, you can declare that I am faithful and I am your God.

Sad to say, there are many who believe that if they just get such and such amount of monies, they will be triumphant. The same is not true. Those who are looking only for what their riches can buy often spend their fortunes attempting to secure healing and health, and they cannot buy the same. Yet, because they are encased and encrusted with pride, they will not call upon Me and receive the very healing they are spending their fortunes on.

This is the time that I the Living God am calling My messengers to demonstrate the healing virtue that I provide to the hurting who are humble enough to cry out to Me. Those who will trust and obey the commands of the Holy Spirit will receive the healing and have health restored to them.

Be thankful even now that it is Me the Living God who desires for My people to be alive, alert, and active in My kingdom plans and purposes.