Shut Me Out, Be Shut In with Demons!

I speak unto you this day and I say that as those who are hungry for the knowledge of Me, you must be willing to accept reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness. I do not want My people to be wise in their own eyes and to imagine that they are superior when they are not. In reality, the ones who are humble enough to accept instruction are the ones who will gain the truth. The ones who refuse instruction only grow dumber because they are refusing to be guided by My Spirit.

When people take up lies, they are taking up the course of troubles and torment, and by the same are brought low. I do not want people to be dumb and becoming dumber because they are covered by lies and lying messengers sent to bring them into confusion. It does not take an expert to see that these are times of great trouble and turmoil. These times are the consequence of people who have abandoned Me and gone after the fools’ way, not concerned with the consequences of their choices.

I created men and women to be in fellowship and communion with Me as their Creator. However, when people shut Me out, they are shut in with demons, and the demons will lead them into confusion, delusion, troubles, and torments. They will not be near to Me; they will be afar off and by the same overwhelmed and troubled on every hand. When anyone chooses to live without Me as their Creator, their Heavenly Father, they are choosing for misery rather than mercy.

The world is in confusion, grossly exhibited in the “gender revolution” and promoted by those who are demon possessed and desiring to see people in pain and the madness that comes from rebellion against Me. Of course, those who have brought themselves to ruination want to see others bound in the same darkness and shown no mercies at all. When you consider the amount of time that is wasted by those without My covering over them, they are definitely victims of the “waster who is sent to destroy.”

While the youth imagine that they have the world at their fingertips as they play around with the devil’s diversions and perversions, they are bound up in an impersonal world that takes their minds into darkness rather than light. So sad to see that while in some parts of the world people are bound in physical slavery, in other areas they are bound in techno slavery. Yet both are bound and in slavery to who or whatever it is that masters them.

I do not want the ones who are Mine to be mastered by anything or anybody, for I am the One who is meant to bear rule over them. Those who are recognizing their utter need of Me are easily taught and instructed in the way of righteousness because they are desirous of My way. They are not as the dumb who are easily duped by demons. Rather, they are living in perceptiveness and attentiveness to the instructions given by the Holy Spirit, and they love the guidance of the same.

As My people seek Me, they are more and more attentive to all that I do for them, and because of that, they do not wander afar off. They understand that they were created by Me and for Me, and they do not yield to the devil and his demons.

Be glad this day that there is no reason to wander afar off from Me and take up the way of the damned. The more that you are in faithfulness and trust in Me, the more that your eyes are opened to see just how false the world and the systems of the same are in these times.

Those who have established their power domains in these times are very fearful of evacuating their thrones, because they are filled with the lust for power and the riches they have gained unjustly. However, the wicked do not truly gain anything by all of their schemes and plots, for in the end, their wickedness turns on them and they are damned by their own deceits.

It is those who are proud who give way to demonic invitations to “be as gods” and become grossly deceived and driven. If you face the realities that are existing in these times for the multitudes, they are bleak and hopeless. However, the ones who are looking to Me, they will behold My miracles in the midst of madness. Likewise, I will give them demonstrations of My compassion and loving kindness in the times of chaos.

As the world’s people escalate in the throes of darkness, with wars and rumors of wars running rampant, they are crying out for peace. They claim they want only to have peace, but they cannot, because they refuse Me. Instead, they are accepting the deceits that rule them through Media and her minions, and they sink deeper into hopelessness and despair.

Of course, the devil and his demons are there to offer them all manner of diversions and perversions that will twist their minds and leave them in the emptiness of sin. Why is the world in such a condition? It is because people are proud and imagining they can live without Me.

Do not think that those of the world are filled with great knowledge, for all of their achievements amount to nothing if they do not recognize Me as their Creator, for when their course of life is finished and they are wrapped in their achievements, they will face the grim reality that they gained nothing, for hell is where they go.

Tragic it is that people can gain the world’s knowledge yet be so dumb about spiritual matters and have no concern for the destiny of their souls. The humble who learn of Me are far wiser in the end, for they have chosen My way and they will be in heaven with Me.