I Want You in My Presence

I speak unto you this day and I say that I want you to be in My presence because in the same is found sanity and safety. As you can observe, the world at this time is literally insane, yet it is Me the Living God who has opened the door for you that you can come into My presence and be kept.

I do not want My people to be found afar off from Me and going in the way of fools. You are not meant to be in darkness and partaking of the same. Rather, you are meant to be in My light and coming forth with the essence of My presence upon you.

This is why My people are to keep themselves clean, not defiled by the filthiness and vileness of the world. When those who are Mine refuse to be defiled by the world, they are found well pleasing to Me. However, when they turn aside and begin to take on the behaviors of the world’s people, they separate themselves from My presence. They actually will grow more and more uncomfortable in being near to Me, because they have taken up those things that are a shame in terms of My standards as they are delving into sin.

Stop and consider: When I declare that I want you in My presence, it is because I do not want you to be devoured by the hordes of demons that are roaming throughout the land. I want you to partake continually of all that I have for you, because in the same there is life and not useless death and damnation. It is tragic when you see those who are forever being torn and dashed because they are caught in the violent storms on the sea of iniquity.

Be thankful that you are given such a privilege to draw near to Me each day and to be subject to Me, for indeed I will give to you all that you have need of to continue in the purposes that I have for you. Do not by any means imagine that you can go on and persist and insist in your own desires, for the same will leave you desolate and empty.

Know of a surety that in Me is the power to keep you in perfect peace instead of the desolation and despair that the multitudes are existing in. Because of My continuing love for you, you can rest assured that I am the God who loves to show mercy and likewise uplift you in the glorious presence that you will inhabit in eternity.

Those who are not abiding in My presence do not have the essence of My divine love with them, and it is not evident that they have any love for Me. These ones only call upon Me when they are in dire necessity and about to collapse under the pressures of life that are pressing down upon them. They have not learned to be in My presence as their way of life, and I consider them to be those who know me from afar off, because they’ve never entered into the Holy Place where they could dwell continually with Me.

Even this day, be thankful that you are called and chosen to abide in the nearness that is My intentional place of dwelling for you. In that place, you grow in your understanding of what I do desire for you.

When I created Adam and Eve, I intended for them to dwell in My presence and to know how important it is to Me that they be ever strengthened and uplifted because they were One with Me. However, Eve came out of My presence into the presence of the liar, then both experienced banishment and were unable to abide in My presence, because they violated Me.

I had given to them their guidelines in order for them to abide in My garden, then they chose to partake of the forbidden and by the same fell from glory. What became of them is the tragedy of human existence without Me. Of course, inasmuch as they committed the first sin, they opened the door, and sin, like a cancer, has continued to grow and devour ever since.

As I desire you to realize, My intentions for them were goodness and mercy, whereby they had everything provided for them as they lived in My presence. However, when they chose to believe in the liar rather than Me, they were relegated to the place of banishment, and that is where people live if they do not receive Jesus Christ, My Son, as their Savior and Lord.

How important it is that those who desire Me would realize that they need My Son to cover their sins that they can be found returned to My family. Reality is that the entire human race is in banishment, and the call that is sent forth by and through My Holy Spirit is for all who want Me to come through the door that is opened by the sacrifice of Jesus.

I could have easily abandoned all human beings and left them to dissipate and die. However, because I have created them, I have sought for those who would desire to be in My presence and by the same become vessels of honor unto Me. Those who are desiring to be with Me will not be left in the desolation and despair that those who worship other gods are found in.

If you really consider the plight of those who worship other gods, it is indeed ugly and far from the infinite mercies. When those who worship idols cry out in their neediness, they are crying to the emptiness of serving dead gods.

How much better it is when people have their minds and their hearts opened to Me and come forth knowing that there is none who is like Me, for I alone am the Eternal who remains forever, and they can partake of Me each and every day.

Therefore, in this adulterous and wicked generation, do not look to the present perverted powers that rule the masses and imagine that you must be subject to them. You are not intended to be in their control and crushed by the same. You are meant to be in My presence and shown the power, the goodness, the safety, and the sanity of being near to Me.