Let There Be Sunshine in Your Souls

I speak unto you this day and I say that as you keep your vision single, that is, upon Me and My purposes for your lives, the light will shine in your hearts, your bodies, and your souls. You will not be under the clouds of darkness that hold so many in captivity in these times. Rather, you will be uplifted and soaring in the light and delight that I will pour forth upon you.

When My people are determined and dedicated to Me and the kingdom that does remain, they will not be under the pain that the adherents to darkness suffer daily. Those who are choosing to live in darkness rather than My light will not be knowing how to be thankful, for they are motivated by demons and the same they serve daily. I do not want you to be in servitude to demons; I want you to be knowing of a surety that I alone am the One True God and that My kingdom remains forever.

It is indeed a tragedy to see the condition that people are in because they are choosing to be ruled by demons rather than My Spirit. When the choices are made, multitudes are choosing darkness. Be thankful that because of Jesus, you are not in the realms of darkness and defeat that are so evident in these times. I absolutely do not want My people to be discouraged and overwhelmed. I want My people to be uplifted and made glad, for I am the Almighty who is ever present to give you light, and the sunshine will be in your souls.

Stop and consider the joys that you partake of because you are walking in the sunshine rather than the darkness and gloominess of the damned. Those who fall for the devil’s enchantments are enticed into deeper and deeper sinfulness and they become grossly ugly by the same. This is because they are wanting only what the demons who rule them declare, and of course, that means more and more sin becomes their plight.

When people are steeped in sin, they reek of the filthiness and vileness of the same. While they may attempt to appear happy, they are not, for they are living in the gloominess and dreariness that lead only to despair. The reality is that multitudes in these times are trapped in the snares, the entanglements, the traps that have been set to make them captive slaves to the very works of darkness that are demanded of them by demon forces. It is in wretchedness and weariness that they face their days, totally unable to be set free and uplifted in the joys that I provide.

When you really think of how much I require of you, do not be frightened and defeated, imagining that you cannot possibly live in such a standard. You can. Be understanding that as you are yoked to Jesus, He is carrying part of the load, and the yoke becomes easy and the burden light because of your fellowship and communication with Him.

I do not make it impossible for people to serve Me. They are the ones who offer excuses and denials rather than cooperation and dedication to My way. I have given to those who are Mine everything that they need to complete the course that I have set before them.

Because I have so equipped them, they are not overwhelmed nor overtaken by the darkness and the sinfulness that are so evident in these times. They are able to resist, refuse, and rebuke the demon forces that want to overtake those who are dedicated to serving Me. Be glad even today that you are not subject to the lesser forces that want to kill, steal, and destroy souls and see their victims in hell.

The more that you adhere to Me, the more that you are shining with My glorious light and being a light to the sin-sick world that so many are trapped in. Be glad this day that you are not trapped, but rather you are given the mercy and goodness that I have in preparation. Know that I am the God who loves you and gives you the light in your souls.

Let it be Me who is your reason for being, for as you do, you are guided through the darkness by the light of My Spirit, and you know what it is to be shining day by day. There are indeed multitudes who want only to have their own ways, and those ways are inspired by demonic forces. Yet, because of their pride, they are easy prey for the demons who bear rule over them.

The misery of their slavery is evident, and in the end, they will be bound in hell. Why do people want the darkness and the demonic forces that will end them in damnation? It is because they are not interested in serving Me; they are only interested in serving all that is vile, wicked, and corrupt.

I absolutely want the ones who are walking uprightly in Me and pursuing the course that is set before them with determination to complete the same. The more that anyone cleaves to Me, the brighter the sun shines in their souls. There is so much light that I want My people to walk in, because they are meant to shine in the midst of the sin and darkness that are in the world. This is because those who are imprisoned in darkness can see the light shining through My true ones and desire to partake of the same.

More than anything, be cleaving to Me and partaking of all that I give because I am abundant towards those who are dedicated to Me. There is no good thing that I withhold from the ones who walk uprightly, for they will receive the rewards of the righteous both here and in the life to come.

Let the light that I have put within you shine forth and do not hide the sunshine, for the world is overwhelmed by dark and evil men. These want only to have their powers remain, yet their captives will see the light shining through you and have hope.