I Am Wearied with Warning

I speak unto you this day and I say that truly, I am wearied with warning those who are claiming to love and serve Me yet they are serving a multitude of idols. When any people will claim that it is Me they serve, yet they are telling lies and are full of all manner of deceptions and misconceptions because they have loved lies rather than the truth, because they have given their eyes and their hearts to spiritual and natural adultery, I am tired of them in their transgressions and violations of My standards.

These are the ones who are pretenders, and literally, by their behaviors, mockers of the way that I have provided for them to walk in. While they are imagining that they get by with all of their transgressions and violations, they do not get by on Me, because I know of and see all of their actions. When anyone chooses to transgress against Me, they are choosing their own troubles by their rebellious and hateful behaviors towards Me.

I do not find pleasure in those who are living in opposition to Me and imagining that I do not see their multiplied sins and evil doings. Of course, I see them in all that they do, and I recognize their intentions for evil rather than good. Yet, because of choices for idols rather than My Spirit, they are ruled by demons.

Those who are found under the rule of demons are not walking according to sanity or safety. They are basically being controlled by the very forces of death, and in the same, they increase in their rebellion and sinfulness against Me. As they do such things, the demons that hold them in captivity will tell them repeatedly that they are “all right” and those who are walking soberly in Me are “all wrong.”

Be aware that as the evil increases over the land, so do those who love to lie gain more and more darkness in their souls. The time comes when people who once knew Me are turned over to the reprobate mind, that is, the way of the damned, and they call evil good, and good evil. Such men and women are found in leadership and are ruling the masses in these times with great delusion and confusion.

The sins of the wicked are increasing because those who are ruling over nations are found in deep darkness and multiplied acts of iniquity. Such ones as these see themselves as invincible and all powerful. In their demonic delusions, they see themselves as living forever and quite able to rule eternally. Because they become increasingly more insane, they are giving in to boastful and proud imaginations as to their own capabilities and their own powers. Never does it occur to them that I am the One who is meant to bear rule, and they do not even recognize that I exist.

The drunkenness of pride is deadly, and those who yield to the same will be devoured by the very demons who prompt them in their proud words and actions. Because I am just in My judgments and it is only through Me that the true justice is found, know that I see them, and I will destroy them with the very weapons they have harmed others. The despotic rule of drunkards will not remain forever, and when they are dead and damned, I remain, and My rule and reign are eternal.

Believe Me, the diseases of demons that are ravaging the minds and lives of all who give way to them are no new thing. There are entire tribes and nations that I have allowed to self-destruct because I was wearied with warning them. So it has been in times past, and so shall it be even in these days, that when I am wearied with warning those who are continually sinning, then I will bring upon them the retribution of their sins.

It is only those who are foolish who believe that they can pull their acts repeatedly and keep on doing the same, because their hearts are hard and their minds are under gross delusions. Needless to say, fools are taken in their folly; they are not blessed in the same. Be aware that I do not intend for you to follow fools; I intend for you to follow My Spirit in the way I have intended for you to walk in. You are not meant to be easily swayed and be among those who have caused Me and My messengers weariness by their refusal to listen to the very warnings that would have saved them.

When rulers and people have grown so hardened and hateful against Me and the ones I have sent to warn them, then I take the necessary actions that will pull them down from their high seats. These arrogant and boastful drunkards will be beaten by the very demons they yielded themselves unto, in preparation for their torments and agonies of the damned in hell. Those who have seen themselves as invincible and indestructible will find that the retribution they suffer will cause them bitter anguish.

If only people would pay heed to the warnings sent by Me, then they could repent and return, yet they deem themselves as greater than I and imagine themselves to be forever. The truth is, they will be forever, but their place will be in the prison houses of hell, and they will know the retribution that comes to the wicked, and there will be no cessation to the same.

Yes, they will see their power domains brought down, and the same will be replayed to them over and over in hell. Their minds will be hammered by the very lies they believed in about themselves because of their lust for power and dominion over the masses. Every evil that they committed will be returned to them in the amount of torment and torture they will undergo because they chose to refuse warnings sent to save their very souls from hell.