Do Not Waste Your Time

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not waste the time I have given you on this earth and be as the slothful, who think only of their own comfort without regard for what they are meant to do. The truth is that there are increasing numbers of lazy people who want nothing more than to lie around all day and do nothing. These ones are growing lazier by the day and are not ashamed to be helpless, hopeless, and homeless. They are seeking their refuge in those things that are addictive, and they have no shame over the conditions they are in.

In fact, in these times, more and more people are giving way to depression, and in the same are wanting only to escape the darkness that their minds are in captivity to. Of course, the devil and his demons are right there to give to such ones the offer of refuge in sleep, and with the help of drugs and drink, these ones can pass out for hours and feel nothing. However, with everything that the demons offer, there is a payback, and people become violently addicted and are unable to free themselves. Consequently, many die from overdoses of the drugs of damnation and are sealed in hell forever.

These are times when the number of those who get imprisoned and addicted by the drugs of damnation is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more, the reports of the deaths that are recorded by the usage of the drugs of damnation are being broadcast, all to no avail.

While there are few and far between who escape the cruel captivity of addiction, the majority live out their lives as the walking dead, only waiting for death to reap and damnation to arrive. If you really consider how the Grim Reaper is gaining massive numbers of youth in his sickle of death, it makes you saddened for the children who are so carelessly devoured before they gain a chance to really live and know life.

Why is it that so many of the youth of these times are so hopeless and helpless regarding the very skills that will give them effective and meaningful lives? It is because the nations as a whole have forgotten Me, and men and women in rule imagine themselves to be gods. However, they fail to realize that their proud and rebellious contempt for Me and for the lives of humanity are the cause of collapse and carnage. When those who are in rule become so convinced of their own greatness, they are totally blinded and will do the deeds of iniquity as the demons direct them.

What can be the future of men and women existing far from Me? They will waste not only their time on this earth, but they will cause even their offspring to be wasted and to be put to death by their rebellious choices. It has never been My intention that people would become so addicted to their own self-indulgences that they become comfort hogs to the extent that they are eager to get the drugs of damnation and ingest the same like candy.

If you take a good look at the times on the horizon, there are not many who are looking forward to the goodness that I alone do give to any and all who will cleave to Me and believe in Me. The vast majority are under the dark clouds of depression, despair, and despondency, and have no hope for life as they drag themselves through this life and believe only in lies.

When the nations have arrayed themselves in pride and contempt for My way and for My people, know that they will be found in the harvest of death. All the while, there are leaders who lead them into the ditch, and all are so sinful that they love the mire that is pulling them down, deeper and deeper into sin.

Do not forget that those who are quick to choose evil are bound to suffer the consequences of the same. The wages or rewards of sin are death, and all who want sin above righteousness will of course partake, oftentimes prematurely, of the death that sin brings.

Quite honestly, in these times of insanity, there is no hope on the horizon for the ones who are bound in the chains of slavery to the devices of demons and the claws of the buzzards who have circled them in expectation. The forces of evil are found from the top to the bottom, and those who imagine that their fame and fortune will last forever are grossly deceived.

However, because so many have wasted their time on this earth pursuing vanity and profanity, the world has been taken off course and is being shaken. The very earth itself is heaving over and over, as though attempting to vomit out the filthiness of sin that has been committed on her.

The entire creation is groaning to be delivered from the total abandonment to sin that has caused everything to be off course and the darkness to increase to the point of death on every hand. Men and women are eager to incite the youth to fight in useless wars whereby they are taken into death and damnation because of the deeds they perform for the politically insane.

Because of the lack of desire for Me and the hatred for My people, the magnitude of madness is increasing daily. Inasmuch as those who should have been standing for Me were engaged only in slothfulness and self-indulgence, the times are more and more decayed. Needless to say, some people cannot face today, nor can they face tomorrow. They prefer to ingest the drugs of damnation without thought for the consequences of the same.

For all who are living apart from Me, their futures are death and damnation. On the other hand, those who are living for Me are coming into greater and greater recognition of their utter need of Me and are not ashamed to call upon Me daily. My Spirit will guide them forth and they will have hope!