If You Have Faith

I speak unto you this day and I say: If you have faith and do not yield to doubt, you will see that there is nothing impossible with Me, for I am the God who is well able to do what no man or woman can do. While you are living in times when evil is abounding on every hand, consider that I do not call you to be overwhelmed and taken down by doubt.

Be aware that doubt is indeed a work of darkness, because when My people yield themselves to doubt, they open the door to a multitude of evil spirits that will flood in. As My people, you are not meant to live in opposition to My intentions. Rather, you are meant to grab hold of the same and do what I want you to do with gladness and rejoicing.

Do not hesitate to concentrate on Me as the One that you love and want to please. When you will set your faith in Me, you will not be disappointed, for you will see that while the world’s people are covered in the fear and dread of tomorrow, I will stir you in hope, for I am the One who is with you.

There are so many who, when they are young, start out with great expectations and belief in their own strength. Yet, when they face the battles of life, most do not prevail as they imagined they could. Many grow defeated, discouraged, and depressed. Then, instead of turning to Me as the One who offers safety, sanity, and strength, they run right into the arms of demons and take up the devices of damnation.

Reality is that I am ever present and I will provide to those who are trusting Me exactly what they need in every situation and circumstance, because it is Me alone who is well able. I do not withhold any good thing from the ones who are keeping their faith, hope, and trust in Me. I do not want My people to be ruled by circumstances and situations that will only leave them in despair and hopelessness. I want My people to be ruled by the commands given to them through My Holy Spirit.

Stop and consider that I know exactly what you need and how you are meant to be pleasing unto Me. I do not want My people to be useless eaters whereby they eat of what they are fed spiritually, yet never produce or work for My kingdom. If you consider, there are many who like to make it appear that they are Christian, yet they do not put their efforts into the furtherance of My kingdom. They prefer instead to put their energies into those things that dissipate and end them in the futility of worldliness.

When people face the end of their earthly journey, multitudes have made no preparation for the afterlife. They have simply muddled their way through their lives, with no thought for where they will go once their lives on earth are over. In such negligence, they have lived only to satisfy themselves or the ones they imagine they love, yet none of their actions have indicated that it is Me that they love.

Sad to say, the majority of those who are claiming to be Christian have done very little for My kingdom, inasmuch as they have been satisfied to fill themselves on emptiness and futility. Know of a surety that I do not find pleasure in such ones because they are not in obedience to My Spirit. Rather, they have chosen only for the satisfaction of their own fleshly lusts, and by sowing to the flesh, they reap corruption.

How much better it is to sow unto Me as the One that you desire to please at all times rather than being locked into the prison house of self. In the times of troubles abounding in the world, let your faith remain in Me. That is, do not be dragged down by the cares of this life and the demons of doubt, fear, and unbelief.

When you allow such foul spirits to come in, then you set your own selves up for death to your spirit life in Me. In fact, doubt is a demon that literally leads those who follow the same down the road to self-destruction. What do the people of the world literally live for? They live for the futility and emptiness of attempting to satisfy self, only to find that in the same there is no satisfaction or peace.

If you will keep stayed in faith, that does not mean that your life is easy; that means that what you believe will come to you. Likewise, be aware that when anything is hoped for and your faith is steadfast, the enemy forces will send fiery darts and arrows at you to poison you and cause spiritual death. Therefore, keep up the shield of faith that the enemy darts and arrows do not enter into your heart and your mind.

I do not desire to see My people end in the shameful despair brought on by indulgence in doubt. I desire My people to come forth in faith, trust, and confidence in Me. When you are refusing the enemies’ provision of doubt, you will not be disappointed. Rather, you will be uplifted and encouraged in all that I purpose for your lives.

You are not redeemed from the penalty of your sins to live for yourselves and the indulgences you are gravitated towards. You are meant to live only for Me, as you have been saved to serve according to the commands of the Holy Spirit. The commands of the Spirit will keep you from the intentions of the enemy forces and bring you forth in the way of all truth.

Be rejoicing that you do not need to collapse to the criminal and corrupt forces of the world whereby demon possessed leaders are being driven to despotic and debauched rule. Such leaders are possessed by pride and self-assurance. However, those sources will be brought down as My people have their faith and their prayers aimed at bringing down the wicked. Do not live for their demands. Live for and under My commands, and keep the faith!