Are You Helping or Hindering Me?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Are you helping or hindering Me? I do not want those who are using My Son’s name and claiming to believe in Me to be found among the ones who are hindering Me in these times. When I the Living God do have a purpose and a plan, be thankful that you can adhere to what I desire and intend. I do not want My people to be acting out the world’s agenda rather than Mine.

It is important that those who are claiming to love Me are attentive to My intentions and desires and are laboring to fulfill the same with gladness and rejoicing. When it is Me that you keep your vision upon, you will not be ashamed, nor will your hearts be filled with sorrow. Rather, your hearts will be filled with joy because it is Me who is the One who has given you the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you forth in the way that I have for you.

When I declare what I want to do and then you turn around and undermine what it is that I want, you are hindering Me by your words of unbelief and mistrust of Me. It is indeed a tragic thing to assume that you know more than you do and by the same to be living in falsehoods and lies. I do not want you to be in the “way of transgressors,” for that way is hard. Yet, if you are violating Me by your words and your attitudes, you are transgressing.

Those who are claiming to represent My kingdom are meant to do just that: to be ambassadors in this sin-sick, perverted, and twisted world, of the higher way wherein I abide. They are not to enter into the degradation and perversion that are so commonplace and by the same be overwhelmed and overtaken by the insane demons that have consumed multitudes.

It is true that multitudes are being devoured by the demonic powers whose mission is to deteriorate, devastate, defile, and degrade the masses. They do this through continual bombardment of the carnal mind, and appeal to the lusts of the carnal nature. As people come under the domination of such demons, they become more and more degraded in the same.

Be aware that I do not call you to participate in such criminality and corruption as are commonplace in these times. I call you to partake continually of the goodness, the mercy and the truth that I give to all who desire to be in right standing with Me. Therefore, be careful what you allow to come before your eyes and what you permit yourselves to indulge in. Do not be feeding the old nature that always wants to dispute and doubt the commands of My Holy Spirit and by the same be hindering My purposes.

If you consider, in the days of old, when the multitudes were embroiled in their own ways, they did everything that opposed My righteousness. These rebellious deeds against Me were approved and instigated by those leaders who were meant to represent Me. The leaders took up the ways of the heathen, and in the same, became the enemies of My intentions rather than following what I wanted for them and obeying My standards. Consequently, through their hindering, they brought troubles to themselves as they took up the ways of the heathen and were degraded in the same.

The same patterns are seen in these days when those who are meant to be guiding My people are literally taking them down into the abyss of destruction and causing them to increase in their sinfulness and rebellion. I do not find pleasure in such leaders who claim to believe in Me, yet their actions are full of falsehoods and literal mockeries.

Stop and consider that I am not mocked, and those who are attempting to mock Me by their actions will be mocked by Me. They will find that the very heathen they make their allegiances with will turn on them and take them into captivity and bondage. I do not want those who love Me to be found bound in such stupidity and darkness because they have listened to liars. Rather, My people are meant to keep on declaring the truth and proclaiming the power that is found in My kingdom, and serving Me with gladness and rejoicing.

Do not by any means listen to those who are intent on subjecting themselves to the very deviations and violations that will take them down the road that leads to damnation. When you hear such ones, be willing to refuse, rebuke, and refute their lies, for those lies are not only captivating, but they are totally corrupting.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to go in the way of transgressors by hindering Me. Do not open your mouths when the enemies are assaulting you with doubt, fear, and unbelief. Rather use the power that is in the blood of My Son, Jesus, and call for the Holy Spirit to renew your minds and help you to prevail over the enemies’ assaults.

Do not forget that you are involved in an active and ongoing warfare, and it is up to you to keep on in the way that is straight and narrow and provided for you to walk in. The reality is plain: It is a good thing to be dependent and reliant on Me as the One True God who remains after all idols have been crushed.

The more that you serve Me in the attitude of gratitude, the more that you will be helpful in promoting My cause and intentions. Do not go after the folly of fools and be devoured in the same. Be uplifted in the goodness of who I am and be knowing that you do not miss out when you adhere to Me as the One you love.

Keep on declaring to others the many blessings and miracles that I have done and still do for you and for others who are needy of divine intervention in their lives. It is a good thing to walk uprightly in My way and prove to be helping, not hindering My purposes and plans.