I Created People to Praise Me

I speak unto you this day and I say that I created people to serve and praise Me as their God. I did not create people to praise the multitude of false gods and idols that they serve. Because of the fact that you are living in an adulterous and an idolatrous generation, you see that there is nothing but trouble on every hand, which means essentially that there is no peace because of the fact that people have turned aside from Me and sought out other gods and are giving honor to such delusions.

Quite obviously, the world is in terrible troubles at this time because people are following after the foolery and the darkness of demons, and there are troubles and sorrows throughout the earth. There is no cessation to wars as they are popping up everywhere, all because men and women have departed from serving Me and cannot humble themselves.

When pride demons take hold of people, they would rather die than admit that they are wrong. They go ranting and raging in anger and animosity because they imagine that they are always right and everyone else is wrong. It is truly a gift from Me when you can humble yourselves before Me and cry out for My mercies and admit that you are wrong when you are.

It is Me the Living God who has established the pattern of humility, and that is the way that My people are intended to walk and be directed and corrected by Me. It is not My intention that those who are serving Me would be found in the prison house of pride and unable to repent because of the blockage of demons of pride. It is My intention that My people would be enabled to be humbled because they are serving and praising Me.

In these times, people have sought out endless inventions, and in the same they imagine themselves to be greater than they are. They are seeing themselves as able to do anything they set their minds to do. However, what they fail to do is subject their plans and their schemes to the scrutiny of My Spirit, and in the same they are limited and hindered because they find out that there is opposition to their delusions.

As is being evidenced at this time, those who are seeing themselves as world conquerors are not at all sensitive to consider what those who oppose them are saying. Driven as they are by pride, they prefer to kill any opposition to their schemes, while at the same time they are drunkenly continuing in their plans and schemes. Pride is a wicked and cruel master, and those who are in prison to the same are as deluded as the drunkard is by his alcohol consumption.

As My people, remember how important it is that you continually humble yourselves and submit to My authority and remain subject to the scrutiny of My Spirit. If you are brave enough to want to remain with Me, then you will not hesitate to be subject to Me as the One who bears rule over you.

If you stop and consider the insanity of those who are strutting and boasting in their own greatness, know that My way is safety and sanity. Why is the world so utterly insane in these times? It is because men, women, and children have stopped looking to Me and are trusting in the arm of flesh to be their help.

I do not want My people to be in the delusion that any man, woman, or nation is their help. The only help that My people are able to get is from Me, for I am the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end. When My people turn to the arm of flesh, that is, the powers that are in the world, they take curses to themselves. My people are not meant to trust in mere carnal men and women; they are meant to trust in Me, for I am the author and the finisher of their faith.

I do not want you to be serving pride or fear as your masters, nor do I want you to be so entrenched in the systems of men that you cannot even obey the commands of My Spirit. Rather, I want you to be uplifted and coming forth in the way that is victorious, the way that is glorious, and the way that is wondrous.

While multitudes have abandoned themselves to rebellion and resistance against Me, they are simply choosing to be losing because they are trusting that the powers of men and nations are more powerful than I. In essence, they are cursed because they have made flesh to be their arm.

I do not want you to be cursed by choosing that which I did not ordain. I want you to be choosing My way and serving and praising Me with rejoicing because you are being kept from the iniquity of insanity that is a plague over the land.

This day, do not be devastated, but rather be uplifted and rejoicing to know that I am the One who created you for My purposes and plans. The more that you throw off the shackles of pride and fear, the more that you will see that you can rely on Me, for I know exactly what you have need of and I will give you the same.

When the demon spirits are arrayed in all of their hatred for you, do not imagine that they will prevail. They will not. It is Me the Living God who will prevail and keep you in the shadow of My wings as you are determined to do My will. Know of a surety that you are not meant to be deviated by the attacks of demon forces. Rather call upon Me and the heavenly host that I will send to help you.

Stop and consider that the enemies love to discourage, disappoint, and depress, and they will try to take you in such snares. However, you are called to serve Me and praise Me and are not intended to be ensnared and entangled in those forces of darkness. Rise up and proclaim My power, My protection, My perfection, and My purpose!