Only Fools Dare Say There Is No God

I speak to you this day, whosoever has an ear to hear: It is only fools who dare to say that there is no God. This is because they are boastful and full of pride and imagining themselves to be far more intelligent than they are. The reality is they are not intelligent; they are fools who are taken in their own wise conceits. Because they are full of pride and self-importance, they will put forth the image that there is none greater than them and that they are capable of ruling the entire universe.

These fools are openly declaring that they are capable of ruling without restraint. Demons have taken the control of them to the extent that they cannot do anything to resist the temptation to kill, steal, and destroy. Because of the madness that controls them, they become more and more crazed in their lust for power and total control. However, in their drunkenness, they fail to realize that it is Me the Living God who can bring them down and prove them to be utter and complete fools who are possessed in their lust for power by cruel and vicious demons.

Be aware that when men and women become so possessed by demons that they are uncontrollable in their madness, I am well able to dispose of them in any manner I so choose. The lust for power is no new thing, and throughout the ages, men and women have so given themselves over to the same to the extent that they are driven totally insane.

Over and over, there are those who will make gains in the political sense and imagine that by their great powers they cannot be brought down. Because they lose all sense of reality, they live in a paranoid and fearful mindset which causes them vexation, and the same is demonstrated by their unreal perceptions. The end of such fools is always destruction and damnation, and they are forgotten in the chambers of hell, where they remain in perpetual torments and the agonies of the damned.

When you hear the insane rantings that are being put forth in these times by leaders who should be locked up for the good of all, including themselves, it makes you aware that yes, people are easily controlled by demons. I do not intend for such madness as controls these individuals to be; they choose the same because of their pride and willingness to become possessed.

There is in every person the will that I have put within them, and that will determines their eternal destination. People have the will to choose for evil or for good. The majority in these times are choosing for evil and going along with the insanity that is so commonly and openly being displayed.

It is truly sad to see adults frolicking about in the cesspools of sin and degradation and teaching their children and grandchildren to do the same. Because of their unwillingness to make choices of wisdom, they take themselves down into deeper and deeper debauchery and degradation. Some become so intoxicated that they are declaring quite loudly that there is no God. In such eruptions, they are showing the extent to which they have yielded themselves to demonic possession.

If only people could see beyond their own noses, they would perceive the consequences of their choices. But they do not want to change because they prefer to partake of the filth, the corruption, and the complete abandonment to sin that they are in. There are indeed generations who want only to be involved in the corruption of criminality against Me and are literally proud of their contempt towards Me. These rebels are contaminating not only themselves, but their peers and their own generations, until the entire nation is filled with those who want only to have their “own way.”

Be aware that such generations as you see in these times are held accountable before Me, and I will punish them for their choices against My righteousness. Do not imagine that those who have yielded themselves to demons are acceptable to Me. They are not. These ones who are so sure that they are knowing everything are showing themselves to be the proud and possessed fools that they are.

Even fools can be taught if they refuse to accept the input of demons. However, the ones who love to hear the demons telling them how great they are will be lured into the prison house of demon possession, and there they will remain enslaved and held in chains of sin.

I want My people to be sober and redeeming the time, not caught up in the absolute and hideous traps and entanglements whereby souls are perishing. When My people refuse the drunkenness of pride and self-worship, they are enabled to remain in right standing with Me. I abhor those who are so quick to do wickedness and so rebellious against righteousness. They are not innocent, for they are living out their choices for evil and love the deeds of corruption that they involve themselves in.

I do not want My people to yield to the temptations that present themselves daily. I want and expect My people to resist, refuse, and refute the lies of demonic spirits. My people are given the truth, and they are meant to cherish that truth and walk daily in the same. There is no reason for people to rebel when they can easily submit to Me and partake of the many mercies that I provide.

Those who do not want My covering over them will choose misery for their abode and live in the vexations and torments that are caused by sinfulness. There is no fool who can stand and declare that I am not, and promote their own delusions of grandeur and remain, for such are destroyed and damned in their deceits.