Cursed by Their Idolatry

I speak unto you this day and I say that when any people choose to worship idols, they are cursed by Me. Inasmuch as I am the Creator of all humanity, I do not, nor did I ever create people to worship idols. They are the ones who allow themselves to be lured by demons into believing that idols who cannot speak, who cannot hear, who cannot see are their gods. I do not give favor to those who worship idols. Rather, they are under My wrath.

Of course, when those who are claiming to be Mine are worshiping idols, they are blinded by the god of this world, the devil. Then, in their blindness, they are prompted by demons into greater and greater sins and violations of Me and prove to be unworthy of My mercies in their lives. Because of the abominations they commit and their impudence against My prophets whom I send to warn them, I then show My sore displeasure with them, and they will be plagued by various demonstrations of My wrath, fury, and indignation against them in their folly.

In the days of old, when My people turned to worship the goddess who was termed as the Queen of Heaven, they literally gave more attention to her than they ever did to Me. They actually assumed, when they were so bound in their idolatry, that she was the one who did all good things for them and that it was only by serving her that they were blessed.

They grew so bold in their idolatry of this so-called goddess that they were angry when they were told by My prophets to quit worshiping her. Because of their own rebellion and resistance to the declaration of My messengers, they became My enemies, and I no longer blessed them. Rather, they were cursed by their own choices.

So it is even in these days. Those who have known Me then turn aside to idols become more cursed than the idolaters who did not know Me. I do not, nor did I ever want people to worship idols, and when My people turn to worship idols, they are turning themselves over to the control of demon forces.

There are in these times vast multitudes of those who are claiming to be My people, and they are using My Son’s name in fraudulence and pretension because their hearts are full of deception. They do not respect nor honor Me, My Son, or the Holy Spirit. In fact, as they grow more and more distant from My purpose and plan for their lives, they prove themselves to be totally unworthy and unwilling to walk in My way. Such ones as these are proven to be far from the standard and dictates that I want My people to function in without pretension.

I do not want My people to be living under the allusion and delusion that idols have power. The truth is, idols are dumb because they are lifeless. There is none who worships idols that I would count as being wise according to My wisdom. However, in their own minds, they see themselves as made wise by their idols. They are not made wise; they are made dumb.

I do not want My people to be dumb and growing dumber by the day. I want My people to be increasing in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding because they are walking in respect towards Me and obeying the commands of My Spirit. The reality is that those who worship idols and want to justify the same are fools because they cling tightly to the very things that are bringing them under curses rather than blessings.

It does My people good to stop and see the many blessings they receive each day and to give Me thanks for the same. When those who are Mine are serving in the attitude of gratitude, they will not be found among the ones who are rebellious and resisting repentance because they are controlled by demons.

If you stop and look at the nations that have forgotten Me, they are no longer blessed. Rather, they are under curses, and they become increasingly more bold in their abominations, and they will experience collapse, for it is the consequence of their choices for idols rather than Me.

Know of a surety that I find no reason to bless them, for they are going in the course of their own destruction and damnation. They are judged severely because they have purposely departed from the way of life to take up the way of death and destruction. It is not My intention that they go into such treachery and foolery; it is My intention that they repent and return to Me.

Sad to say, the nations that refuse to repent and return will suffer both inward and outward collapse. While they were once blessed and prosperous because they worshiped Me, they will become wretched and miserable because they worship idols. I can turn them over to war and famine, and I can strip from them any semblance of goodness, because they are choosing for sinfulness and abomination.

I do not want any part of the nations who have turned away from Me when they were once in right standing. The nations that worship idols are ruled by insanity and profanity because they are ruled by leaders who are demon possessed and lead the people in the way of their own destruction and damnation forever. Indeed, it is a very serious matter when men, women, and children are found in the worship of idols because they are under rule of demons.

Demons are full of hatred for Me and for the standard of faithfulness and fidelity that I want in My people. Because of this, the demons will quickly take into captivity the fools who flirt with idols and bow to other gods and goddesses. There is no “queen” in heaven, and those who imagine she is there are damned in their delusions.