Whose Team Are You On?

I speak unto you this day and I ask: Whose team are you on? Do you really intend to stay true to Me, or are you flirting with the world and the destruction found in the same?

I do not want those who are claiming to be My people to be found destroyed as was Lot’s wife because they look at the world and all of its enchantments. My people are meant to choose Me every day of their lives because the enemy forces are ever lurking to entice those whose hearts are not steadfast with Me. Once the enemy forces have enticed the weak, they quickly clamp them in the chains of slavery to the very enticements that lured them away from Me.

When people are doubleminded, they are not good members of any team because they are not thoroughly committed to what they are doing. Instead, they are found wavering and not at all steadfast in their commitments to Me as the One they love and want to please. For this reason, they essentially disqualify themselves by their choices and lack of determination to remain steadfast in My way.

I do not find those who love and make a lie to be what I would consider to be faithful and true members of My team. in fact, they are the ones who will easily betray and fall away from My purposes. Such as these are not fit for battle because they will easily surrender to the enemies and become traitors by their own fearfulness.

As My Son clearly stated, those who would be fit for the disciples’ walk are the ones who would abandon their own lives and plans to be fully absorbed in the way that My Spirit would lead them. He told those who listened to His teachings that they must forsake all, then He told them that they must come, follow Him. In these commands, He gave the standard of commitment and action that were required and still are of the ones who choose to be on My team.

It is intended, and always has been, that My people would learn to keep their vision and their hearts single, which means in essence that they are choosing continually for Me and for My kingdom. Be glad that you can be consciously proclaiming the truth. Therefore, when you see those who are doing as I say, you will see that it is not impossible for them to come forth victorious, because I am the God who brings victory.

When I gave the command to Joshua in the days of old as the leader of My people in their entry into Canaan’s land, he made it very evident who he chose and proclaimed the same. Joshua was very aware that he was in the midst of the heathen, who were the very enemies of My kingdom and the righteousness that I wanted for My people.

Likewise, I sent him to invade and conquer, and there was no way that he could have done that if he was not steadfast and continuous in his commitment. Joshua was a man who wanted to please Me and take the people onward into the land that I had promised to them. He did not waver and make allegiances with the enemies, nor did he choose to compromise the standard to make a false covenant of peace.

The reality of complete and total commitment in heart and action remains the standard even in these times. If those who are Mine do not fully adhere to My way, then they will be found pursuing the course of traitors and betrayers because they love themselves more than Me.

One of the most powerful demonic forces in these times is the love of Self, for the issues that are so evident as the troubles of the times are because people have chosen to love themselves more than Me. As is evidenced by the multitudes who have chosen to go after the insanity of these times, it is because they are promised a delusional fairyland of bliss. However, none is finding their imaginary wonderland, because the way they are choosing is the way of deceit, delusion, death, and damnation.

It is utterly stupid to be dumbed down because of demons and to remain as captives in the enemy slave camps. If you stop and consider the consequences of sin, they are very, very ugly, and those who choose sin are choosing for that which is rottenness and total corruption. The very sentence upon carnality is death, and those who imagine that they can please Self are literally driven mad by the demons who hold them as captives.

If you look at the insanity that is prevalent on local, national, and global levels, it all comes back to the fact that the masses have lost any semblance of the respect for Me they are meant to have. The wanton, wretched, wild and willful behaviors that are manifest are the consequence of believing in demons and following their directives.

I absolutely do not want those who are meant to be true followers to be under demonic commands. The true ones will make conscious efforts to remain on My team and not give themselves over to enticement and enchantment to the world’s ways. Be aware that there is only one way that ensures that souls are on the right team.

The right way that I want My people to follow is in the steps of Jesus, for He walked in obedience to Me and followed the Holy Spirit. Throughout the duration of His earthly journey, He did not deviate from the way that I had intended for Him, and He proved Himself worthy to be the Captain of the team that would spread the gospel throughout the world at that time.

The same standard is provided and intended for those who will be on My team: they will walk in the steps of Jesus. Both Jesus and Joshua were chosen by Me and determined to be on the winning team.