I Will Show You a Sign of My Goodness

I speak unto you this day and I say: Rejoice and be glad, for it is Me the Living God who delights to show you a sign that signifies My goodness unto you. When I show you that sign, do not reject the sign and imagine that things should be a different way. Far too often, those who claim to be Mine do not receive the signs that I give to them because they are looking for fulfillment in the flesh and not in My Spirit. When they are in such conditions, then their hearts are far from Me.

I do not want your hearts to be far from Me; I want them to be near unto Me at all times. When it is Me that you keep your focus, your vision upon, then you will understand fully that My intentions for you are good and not evil. Likewise, you will see by the sign that I give that I am the One True God whose power and glory remain ever present with you each day.

Pray that your eyes be opened to perceive and receive the many good things that I have in preparation for you. When your spiritual eyes are opened, you will be enabled to behold the absolute beauty of My kingdom, and you will be partaking of the same with gladness and rejoicing because it is Me who is indeed well able to give to you all that you need each day.

Therefore, in this wicked, wayward, and perverse generation, see that the multitudes are receiving the sign of the troublesome times and gaining more and more despair from the sign they see. You as My people are privileged to receive the signs that I give, which will cause you to be uplifted and made glad. I alone am the One you can look to and receive the goodness that I have in preparation for you, and as you partake of the same, you come forth made glad and knowing that there is none like unto Me.

Even when the world is tottering and the calamities and disasters are abounding, be thankful that I do not plague you with the same when you are keeping your vision upon Me and fulfilling your vows unto Me. Be glad that in the days of adversity, perversity, and insanity you can call upon Me and be kept in the safety and sanity that I give you.

So many times, when men and women are fully absorbed in their own troubles, their hearts grow calloused and hard because of the demons that hammer them. I do not want you to be defenseless and hammered by demonic forces. Because of this, I have given to you, through the obedience of My Son Jesus, the spiritual weapons you have need of.

When you are using the weapons that I give to you, then you are enabled to be knowing of a surety that the demon forces will flee when you attack them with the word that I give you. Likewise, when you are praising Me with all of your strength, you will find your strength returned multiplied.

I do not want My people to be pushed down and overwhelmed by the fears that beset the heathen. I want My people to be full of faith, trust, and confidence in Me, for I am indeed the God who remains long after the dead gods have been knocked down and ground to dust, then blown to the wind. Know of a surety that I will never be blown unto the wind, for I remain strong, steady, and enduring throughout all generations.

Be glad today that you are not under the absurdity that controls those who worship idols and by the same live in confusion and delusion because they have chosen the path of death rather than life. Those who are consenting to demonic coverings are doing so because they want to believe that they themselves are in control of their destiny. However, they are not in control; they are being controlled by demons and are led in the maze of confusion and delusion and cannot escape the same.

In these times, because of rebellion and resentment towards Me, multitudes live under lies then wonder why their lives are ugly. They are living in lies because they do not want to walk uprightly, nor do they want to please Me. Instead, they hide in darkness, or so they imagine, because they are committing evil deeds and do not want to cease from the same.

The reality is that even in the beginning, the serpent beguiled Eve because he offered to her a way that was supposedly equal to Me. When she partook of the forbidden, she did not ascend to the realm that was equal to Me. Rather, she partook of the very rebellion and independence that caused her to be cursed. Likewise, Adam her husband was cursed because he too partook of the forbidden.

Because of their choices, they were banished from the Garden of Eden and left under the covering of the serpent rather than My covering. Needless to say, their way was hard, and they saw their children born into sin rather than righteousness. They partook of many sorrows that were the consequence of their sinful choices, and those choices brought them heartbreak and pain.

As time progressed, so did sinfulness, and the lifespan of people began to go down because of the element of sin and the further separation it caused between My created beings and Me. I never intended for people to have as their daily lives the sign of death as well as damnation. I intended and still intend for My people to be under the sign of My goodness and the mercy I want them to live in.

Be thankful this day that you can receive with gladness and not sadness each day, as the same will cause you to prosper and be increased in the spiritual treasures I have in store. Yes, receive and believe in My goodness as I give you the sign of such this day.