Collapse Within and Collapse Without

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be prepared to see collapse both within and without around the world because men, women, and children are refusing My call to repent and return to Me. I do not find pleasure when I must withdraw My covering over those who persist in their rebellion against Me and who go on in the way of wickedness. However, I will withdraw the covering of protection I have had upon them and allow the collapse they deserve to come upon them.

The truth is that throughout history people have literally invited the hard times and the hardships they underwent unnecessarily because of their sinful actions and lack of respect for Me as the Creator. When they are persisting in such behaviors, know that they are a shame to Me and I have no desire to keep them, because they refuse to repent.

Over and over, I forewarned and still forewarn people and I send My messengers to them, calling them to repent and return. However, they stubbornly refuse. Then I leave them to the consequences of their choices and their actions, which are disastrous and bring death and damnation.

Be aware that throughout the earth, collapse is being manifest in many ways, and men are too drunk on rebellion and pride to seek Me as to why this is happening to them. This is happening to them because they are living in the path of death rather than the path of life.

Reality is that I would much rather see people repentant and humble before Me that I could show them mercy instead of the misery they enter into by their rebellious ways. However, because of their choices, they are living in estrangement from Me and are full of the iniquity of corruption and destruction.

These are times when multitudes are lost without direction and are wandering and wondering what will fall down next. When collapse comes, it is not an easy thing to bear, for when people are under collapse, many of them surrender to the collapse and do not come up again. In other words, they collapse and end in ruination and devastation and do not care what happens to them or their loved ones.

In such times of desperation and despair, be thankful that you do not need to be reliant upon the circumstances. Rather, you can be reliant upon Me, for I alone am your Master and your Lord. It is not My intention that you would perish; it is My intention that you would live long and bear much fruit for My Kingdom. When My people are in obedience to Me, then they will gain what I have for them which is goodness and mercy. Even in the midst of collapse, I make the way for them, and they are kept by Me.

I do not want you to be under the covering of collapse; I want you to be in the covenant with Me that is made when you believe upon My Son Jesus as your Savior and Lord. Therefore, keep on believing and receiving from Me because you are walking in the standard of My holiness and righteousness each and every day.

Today and every day, let it be Me that you are pleasing, not worrying about the world’s opinion of you. You are not meant to be pleasing the world; you are meant to be pleasing Me and bearing witness to the world of the higher way wherein I abide and keep My hand upon you.

Do not be swayed away from Me and taken in the throes of darkness that are so ready to clutch on to any and all who will lend an ear to demonic lies and delusions. There are literally multitudes who can have everything collapse around them and even in them, and they still will stubbornly resist repentance because of the hardness of their hearts towards Me.

Be thankful that each day you can serve Me in the attitude of gratitude because you are privileged to believe upon My Son Jesus and to walk in His way, which is invincible and everlasting. It is a blessed thing to be found ever present in Me and to partake of the tender mercies that I delight to bestow upon the faithful, the true, the enduring.

Those who are enduring hardness as good soldiers of My eternal army are rewarded with the honors that I will give unto them. Those who fall away from following Me will come under the covering of collapse and be devoured by demons by their refusal to remain steadfast in their commitments to Jesus.

In the world’s armies, those who desert the cause and run to the enemies or simply run away are considered to be punishable by death. When any is deserting My forces, they take themselves into the realms of death and damnation. Yes, multitudes, because of uncertainty, will desert and depart from My forces, only to enter into the forces of death and damnation. When you see the end of such fools, it will not be honorable or respectful; it will be ugly. This is because they are the ones who are choosing to be losing and taking themselves down, down, down.

I do not want you to go down, down, down; I want you to be uplifted and enabled to rejoice that I reign supreme and I am the One who loves you always. Be glad that you are not under the collapse within, nor are you under the collapse without. Rather, you are under the covering of covenant commitment to Me as your Heavenly Father, and you will participate in the furtherance of My kingdom, which is eternal and everlasting.

As the nations collapse and the world is tottering on its axis, remain faithful and true to Me and see the power of My covering over you. You will not be bound in fear; you will come forth in faith, for I am with you always!