The Hypocrite Horror Show

I speak unto you this day and I say that I literally despise those who live in pretension and put on their hypocrite shows, pretending to be what they are not. I do not find pleasure in those who love to lord over others with their great and grand displays of self-righteousness, and all the while they are proven to be mockers and scoffers living in indulgence of fleshly lusts.

There are so many who play the hypocrite and spin their hypnotic webs around those who follow them, then when they are exposed in their wretchedness, they cause their followers to fall down and not get up. I do not want those who are claiming to be Mine to be fooled by the deceitful “masters” who display themselves as being so righteous when in reality they are not righteous at all. Rather, they are far from being right with Me. They are only right in their own minds and in the minds of their followers.

However, when I the Living God do show up the wicked in their wickedness, then they cannot cover the same. So, when they are brought down, they undergo the horrors that are prepared for them in this life and in the life to come. I am not deceived by men or women who in all of their pride imagine that I do not see them. This is because they are blinded by the devil and his demons, and the consequences that face them are brutal.

When so many are living in gross pretension and corruption, they are causing themselves to be destroyed by the fact that they refuse to face their own sins and repent of the same. Their preference is to go on in pretension and deceive as many as they can. Inasmuch as I give My Spirit to those who are able to discern, they can see that it is Me who is the Almighty and it is Me who will clearly bring forth the ones who will want Me. In this there is peace, because they are willing to face the truth about themselves and walk in the light of the same.

I do not want those who are claiming to be Mine to eat the deceit of liars and by the same become poisoned. I do not cover My people with lies, but rather with the truth. When they are choosing to adhere to lies, they are choosing to adhere to the wantonness and weirdness that will cause them condemnation, for they will indulge themselves in gross sins.

Know of a surety that it is My intention that My people would adhere to Me, and by the power of who I am be uplifted and brought forth. Keeping this in mind, do not allow yourselves to come under the hypnotic hypocrites, for in their webs there is found demonic deception and all manner of corruption.

The end of such ones is their own destruction and damnation. The way of fools is of course bitter, for they want nothing more than to have power and pride whereby they demand worship and praise. How stupid they are, for they are putting forth falsehoods and lies, and by the same beguiling others into the same traps they are in.

Those who are destined for damnation will refuse to be corrected and will blame anyone who tries to get them on the right way rather than the wrong way they are in. Because they are operating under pride and pretension, they will not listen to the words of truth exposing the hidden works of darkness. By their constant refusal of My Spirit, they prove that they are headed for the horrors of hell, and there they will receive the hypocrites’ rewards in abundance.

When men and women are wanting only to promote themselves as being great, grand, and glorious, they are definitely under pride’s power. They do not recognize that their wayward and deceptive ways have taken them far from the road of righteousness. However, because of their own choices, they do not recognize that they are blind guides who are leading the blind. Likewise, they are nothing more than murderers of the truth and the messengers I send proclaiming the same.

The end of such idiots will be the greatest horror show possible, for they have spent their entire lives working to achieve the show. If you stop and consider how empty their existences really are, then do not rely on their mockery and their foolery, for the same are demonic devices. While they have the power of pride to lead many astray, know that in the end, these hypocrites will pay, and pay, and pay.

There is no end to the horrors and terrors that face the ones I send to hell, and they will see over and over the utter pretension that they gave their lives for. The show for them is over, and they cannot come back to life and amend their ways. When the final curtain comes down, there is no returning to the stage of life, and what they have done is their judgment.

When My Son delivered the messages to the hypocrites, He repeatedly promised them woe, and yes, they did receive such while they were living, and even now those woes remain with them in hell.

So it is in these times. There are endless hypocrites who are putting on their shows to bring others into their hypnotic control. They imagine that if people applaud them and admire their grand displays, they are alright in the same. They have no fear of Me, nor do they listen to rebuke and reproof. This is because they are wayward and wanton, full of themselves and determined to be worshiped and admired.

How ridiculous it is for men and women to sell their souls for the powers they imagine themselves to have on this earth, while in eternity they will pay forever in hell. The devil does not fail to collect on the debts of any and all who fall for his pretentious promises of pride and power.