Outnumbered, yet Victorious

I speak unto you this day and I declare to you that My strategies give to My people victory when they cooperate with My Spirit and obey the same. I do not call My people to live in the fear of the heathen; I call My people to respect and honor Me. Repeatedly, I prove that it is Me the Living God who is able, far above what men indicate they will do to destroy those who are living with respect towards Me.

I do not call My people to live in the world whereby they are under the dictates of the wicked. I call My people to live in Me, for I am the God who desires that My people recognize Me as the One they are to be ruled by. It is possible for My people to be living each day in the attitude of gratitude. I will keep them in the peace that I do give to the obedient who are following the dictates and commands of My Spirit.

It is not intended that My people would be led by the leaders of this present world who are full of corruption and wickedness and ruled by demon powers that drive them insane. I absolutely do not want those who are Mine to be found in the mental and spiritual conditions of destitution and despair because they have turned aside to the world and the idols of the same. I desire that My people remain ever present in Me, turning to Me at all times and trusting Me as their only Hope.

Those who are putting their hopes in the wicked will be found empty, for the wicked are full of double crossing and do not care who stands with them as long as they remain in power. This means that they are not true to each other as they are consumed with the lust for power and self-gratification. However, they do not find the satisfaction they so desire, because their hearts are full of evil and they are never able to be at peace.

Those who imagine that they will gain peace by gaining great riches are living in delusion and confusion because demons bear rule over them. Over and over, the ones who are God haters make their efforts to destroy My people, and as they do, they find that they cannot destroy them, for I am with My people.

When My people will remain in a position of humility before Me, they will not be left to be defeated by the vast numbers who are spread out against them in proud array. When My people of old faced situations whereby the troops of the heathen outnumbered them and gave speeches as to how puny and weak My people were, I revealed My strength.

It was not by numbers that My people became victorious; it was by their obedience to the commands that I gave to them. When those who were Mine walked uprightly and sought My counsel, they were led forth in the way that gave them victory over the vast numbers of enemies arrayed against them.

So it is even now. Those who are Mine will gain the victories that I intend if they keep themselves right with Me. Therefore, do not be afraid in these times when the powers of darkness have shown themselves as great swarms of vultures waiting to see My people dead so that they can devour their remains.

When those who are Mine will cry out to Me, they will gain great victories, for I will give them the same. They will not be left in the destitution and despair that befalls those who are only looking at the opposition and have disregarded My keeping power. The ones who look at their circumstances and give up in despair do so because they imagine that the powers of darkness are stronger than I.

Remember that the strength is not in vast numbers. The strength is in trusting and believing Me, for I am the One who will prove repeatedly that I am indeed well able and there is none who is greater than I. Be thankful that no matter how the world turns against all who are godly, I will be ever present when those who are Mine are remaining faithful and true. I give to My people victories that are impossible, because I am the God of impossibility, and what men cannot do, I can.

Do not forget that I am your Creator and that I created you to be victorious, not defeated by the antics of those who are outnumbering you. Remember that I can turn those who are of the vast numbers over to such deceptions and confusion that they will turn on each other and slaughter themselves.

Keeping this in mind, do not fear in these times what such great numbers of godless ghouls can do to you. Rather stay true and faithful to Me, seeking My counsel and My instructions to you, for in the same you make great gain. I delight when My people turn to Me rather than seeking their help from the world. Those who remain steady in Me will see that they are by the same enabled to give the testimony of My keeping power and My invincible strength.

Do not trust in the force of might that humans love to exhibit, for the same will prove to be faulty. Rather keep trusting in My might, for such is everlasting and enduring, and My strategies are the ones that will bring you into victory time and again. Know that you are not intended to be among the discouraged, the distraught, the disturbed; you are intended to be among those who are victorious and triumphant.

Do not worry if you are outnumbered, for you are not encumbered with leeches and liars, and victory comes to those who are obeying Me and coming forth in the way that I direct them. The power in numbers means nothing if the numbers are not faithful and true to Me. The power is found in the few, the faithful, the humble who remain in subjectivity to My commands and win.