Perfect Justice, Perfect Peace

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who is the only one who brings forth perfect justice and likewise brings forth, to those who are truly serving Me, perfect peace. Therefore be thankful that it is Me who is your source, your resource, and your strength. Do not hesitate to see over and over that the wisdom I give to those who are desirous of the same is far better than the weapons that men use to destroy one another.

These are turbulent and literally terrible, terror-filled times when men and women are at war with each other throughout the earth. National leaders are living under the imaginations as to their own greatness, because these leaders are under the coverings of insanity. Therefore, the people they rule are trembling in fear as to what insanity will come forth next to cause such troubles as they live under day by day.

So it is, in the midst of such tormenting and vexing situations, multitudes are being taken down and shown the miseries that humans make for themselves when they are choosing to be ruled by demons rather than Me. I do not intend for people to be bound in the malignancies that they are in, yet because of their choices for evil spirits to rule them, they are bound. I have always wanted for people to be under My rule which I will make evident when they are accepting and adhering to the Holy Spirit. However, when they are separated from such, they will find themselves in the torments that are ever present under demonic rule.

Many of the national leaders have gone under the demonic coverings to the extent that they are completely deluded and led to believe by the lust for power that they should rule the world. However, in their blindness, they are failing to realize that they are absolutely not what they imagine themselves to be. Rather, they are merely people who are under extreme and corrupt demons, and they are being driven deeper and deeper into the pit of destruction. While they believe that they must have power, they are fools because they are only sinking down in the mire of their own making.

No man or woman is capable of ruling the world, and when they are so deceived as to believe that they can achieve the same, their end is ruination. Be thankful this day that you are not under the coverings of such wretches. Rather, you are under the covering of My Holy Spirit, and the same will keep you in the peace that I intend and provide for you each day. Therefore realize that you are meant to seek for the wisdom that is godly. Listen to the directives of My Spirit, for the same will guide you forth by a plain path and give to you all that you have need of to be kept in My way each day.

I want My people to be under My perfect justice which brings them into the perfect peace that only I can provide at all times. Do not look to the world to give forth just judgments, for they are not operating under My covering in these times. Rather, they are operating under those forces that are twisted and perverted, and the judgments that are rendered are corrupt because there is much bribery and corruption found among judges.

The reality is that many are being given unjust judgments and paying for crimes or offenses they never committed, nor were they guilty of. Because the majority of judges at this time are operating under criminal behaviors themselves, they have no scruples over their wicked judgments, nor do they have a conscience over the ones they have sentenced unjustly and caused many sorrows and troubles they did not deserve.

Keeping this in mind, realize that it is only through Me that you will know the perfect justice that I alone do give. The world in itself is ruled by demons, and those who are the judges in these times are operating according to corruption, bribery, and gross wickedness. Oftentimes, such men and women are guilty of far more than the ones they so wickedly give sentences to.

When such judges stand before Me, they will not be granted mercy. Rather, they will be given the misery that they so justly deserve, and they will be sentenced to hell and the damnation they deserve. Do not imagine that they will get by with their wickedness in My sight. They will not, and what they receive will be everlasting, with no end to their sentences.

Be thankful this day that you can look to Me as the One who bears rule over you and that you are not members of this world system. Rather, you are the citizens of My kingdom, which is much greater and higher than all of the kingdoms of men and nations. Do not be listening to such fools as though they have some power over you. They do not. It is Me the Living God alone who is well able and will not cease to give to you such as you need each and every day.

Therefore, do not look at the world’s wickedness and be overwhelmed by what you see. Know that those who are so foolish as to imagine that they get by will find themselves proven to be the fools they are in the end. Yes, they will be beaten with many stripes and will know the agonies of the damned both in this life and the life hereafter.

The reality is that there is no judge who is not judged for their crimes against My people, and they will never be able to undo what they have done. I do not fail to take notice of every wicked thing that is done by those who are in the positions of judges, and I return to them multiplied what they have done. Know of a surety that as you are keeping your vision on Me, you will be guided by My Spirit and given “perfect justice, perfect peace.”