I Will Come, Aflame with My Wrath

I speak unto you this day and I say: When My people seek their counsel of the world, they are not pleasing unto Me. I absolutely do not find pleasure in those who are seeking their counsel of Egypt and then living in the imagination that I am pleased with them. I view those who run to the world as rebellious, for it is not Me that they are consulting as their God. Rather, they are looking to the world and the people of the world to be their help, and in the same they prove to be fools, for they have not consulted Me.

If you stop and consider the times in the history of My people of old, the truth is that whenever My people stopped looking to Me, they were taken down in the ways of the heathen round about. Once they became as the heathen, they were separated from Me by their sins. As they were choosing to live in spiritual harlotry, I no longer protected them as I did when they remained true to Me. Over and over, My people suffered because of their choices against Me rather than for Me.

Be aware that I do not want My people to choose in opposition to Me. Rather, they are meant to be choosing Me as the One they love and desire to please always. Yet, when My people literally want to mock My prophets and regard them as “old fools,” they prove over and over how rebellious they are.

So it is in these times. There are many of those who claim that they are My people, yet their hearts are far from Me. They follow the world and are eager to enter into more and more worldliness. They do not seek Me as their first love and actually grow contemptuous towards My prophets, whom I send telling them the truth. They actually clamor for false prophets and delight in the tasty morsels of deceit such liars cover them with.

Why do people become so perverse in their choices? It is because they are not choosing to identify themselves with Me. They are choosing to be identified with those things that are filthy, vile, and full of all manner of perversions. This is because they want to be covered with lies rather than the truth. Yet, under the deceit of demons, they believe that I am still with them.

Sad to say, because they are making foolish choices, the only way that I will come to them is aflame with My wrath. This is because I am not mocked, and when people are full of adulterous motives, they prove over and over that they are not worthy of Me. Do you think that I find pleasure in such ones whose eyes are full of adultery and whose deeds are full of rebellion? Not in any way whatsoever do I find pleasure in them.

Why is it that the world has room to mock and scoff My people? It is simply because so many of those who are claiming to be Mine are far from Me and have gone after the ways that are a contempt to Me. Do you imagine that I will bless and give mercy to such people who treat Me as a “has been” who is merely a fading memory? No, I will give to My own people what they so justly deserve, for by their choices they make it appear that I have no more power. However, it is Me the Living God who is the Creator, and My power is higher than all of the powers of nations.

These are times when the drunkenness of world leaders is made more than evident, as their decisions are those of instability and insanity. They do not stop and consider the costs of their proud proclamations. Instead, they think only of themselves and what they want to do. Are such ones as these capable of choosing wisely? Not at all, because they really are drunk on their imagined invincible powers.

Of course, when those who are claiming to be My people are looking to these leaders as the ones who rule over them, they are turned aside to the world. What do My people gain from allegiance to the world and the insane who rule the same? They gain troubles, torments, dread, and terrors of what will come next. This they choose above the quiet confidence that I bestow on those who are looking to Me and trusting Me.

Does it make sense when people are attempting to serve two masters? No, not at all, for they will be divided and double minded within themselves. They will prove just how childish and afraid they really are, because they are wanting the world’s way, yet still saying they want My way. They do not want My way; they want the world, elsewise they would turn from the world completely and put their trust and confidence back in Me.

Repeatedly, My people of old chose to run to the heathens for their help, and when they did, the heathen soon mastered over them. Then they suffered, were taken into captivity and bondage, evacuated from their homeland, and caused to become slaves to their so-called allies.

The same irrational and insane behaviors are being exhibited in these times of trouble. I do not want My people to reach out to the world for their help, for the same is nothing more than a trap set to cause them to lose their strength and become slaves. I do not want My people in union with the world, for the same is adultery before Me.

The punishments they suffer from their infidelity will be heaped upon them because they did not make Me their trust and their help. I do not want My people to reach out and make flesh their arm, for if they do, they take on the curse of the covering they choose. Do not choose to be cursed; choose to be blessed by Me, for I alone will keep you in the peace I provide.