Above and Beyond

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who has proven to be the help, the refuge, and the strength to My people when they were in desperate straits. It was not by the hand of men, nor was it by the strength that men have imagined themselves to have, but it was by My mighty arm revealed. Know that it is Me alone who is above and beyond all of the powers of men, women, tribes, and nations.

Therefore, in these times when those who are in power among nations imagine themselves to be the ultimate, know that they are deceived and driven by demons of irrationality and insanity. As they are more and more consumed by demonic powers, their imaginations are fueled to believe that they are indeed the greatest power sources on earth and in the skies. However, they are failing to face the reality that it is Me the Living God who has done the impossible for My people and proven over and over that I am the strength, the power, and the glory forever.

I do not want My people to be afraid in these times when so many are being vexed, tormented, and terrorized by the cruel and oppressive powers of demonized leaders. Know that it is Me, the God of all gods, who remains when the gods of men have been eroded, crushed, and blown to the winds of change.

Those who imagine that they can remain forever and rule eternally are grossly deceived, and they will be mocked for their wicked, weird, and wanton domains of godless and immoral lawlessness. Do not fall under their wizardry and be fearful of all of their threats and terrorizing they want to hold humanity under. You will not be devoured by the destroyers when you keep yourselves stayed upon Me and do not look to what men can do, but rather keep your vision above and beyond the situations and circumstances.

As My true people, you are called to live in the realms wherein I abide, and in such places know of a certainty that I shall prevail and overcome any and all who oppose Me and My people. Keep always in mind that when you are true in your surrender, commitment, and service unto Me, I will keep you. I will reveal repeatedly that I am far above the powers of carnal men in all of their imaginations and abominations, and in the end, they will face ruination and damnation.

When you see men and women who have allowed the demons to so possess them that they believe themselves to be more powerful than I, know that such fools as these are ultimate mockers. Likewise, know that they are consumed by all manner of wicked and evil spirits, and they are actually deceived to the extent that they are believing lies and cannot stand the truth.

It has never been My intention that men and women would be consumed, corrupted, and captivated as they are in these times. Yet, because these ones are so sure that they are always right, they refuse any and all who would dare to differ with them. Because of their rigid self-righteousness born of rebellion against Me, they must always be in control, or so they think. This obsession is because they themselves are possessed and controlled by evil spirits and they want others in the same captivity as they are in.

Isn’t it stupid for people to take up idols and believe that the forces of darkness and carnality are beyond My dominion? Such thinking as these fools are under is the work of demons who want to prove beyond all doubts that they are the supreme. These self-proclaimed god-men and god-women are nothing but mere dupes for the devil and his demons. While they imagine themselves to be so wise, they are literally nothing more than fools who are possessed by demonic powers lusting for more power. When you hear them in their outrageous proclamations of power, know that they are drunk and behaving as drunkards. Their perceptions are false.

Therefore, rejoice that you are not under the spell, the enchantment, or the captivity of these wicked wizards who live in lies. Without a doubt, the day will come when they have filled up their cups and My wrath will be revealed upon them, and they will be devoured by demons. They will be utterly and completely ruined by the very forces that gave them their delusions of grandeur.

Those leaders who have led people into destruction and had no respect for Me will lose their kingdoms and their lives. Then, as they are damned and hurled into hell, they will live forever and ever under the torments that they so justly deserve, and by the same will know anguish. There will be no escaping what is coming upon them, for they are the ones who chose to believe in themselves that they were the gods of eternity. The reality is that they chose eternity in hell and can never escape the prison house of torture, torment, and bitter anguish. So, inasmuch as they had their times of power, they will pay throughout the never-ending realms of repay and replay of their deeds.

Be rejoicing and serve Me each and every day in the attitude of gratitude, for I am the God whose power and glory remain long after men and women have been forgotten. Likewise, know that I am the same powerful Almighty who is above and beyond all nations, and I am the One who brings them to naught. All that they built and thought would remain will be blown unto the wind, and their wild dreams and schemes long forgotten as the heaps of rubble are washed and blown away by time. The waves of the winds of change are blowing stronger as I am revealing that I am above and beyond.