Your Joy Will Be Overflowing

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are privileged to serve My Son as your Savior and you are privileged to know Me as your Father in heaven. Likewise, you are privileged to have My Holy Spirit ever present in you, leading and guiding you each day. Be glad that you are not bound in the turmoils, the torments, and the terror of these times. Rather, you are able to give Me thanks and praise, rejoicing for the goodness that I have and still do provide for you in this life.

If you take a good look at the multitudes in these times, they are absolutely not at peace with Me because they are not under the covering of My Son. No, they are under the coverings of profanity, vanity, and insanity. Their minds and their hearts are being tossed about. Then they are totally unable to keep their confidence in anything because of their circumstances.

As My people, you are not to be governed by circumstances that are ever changing. Rather, you can keep your confidence in Me as the One who cares for you more than anyone else ever could. You see, I love you with love divine, and there is no human love among people that can compare to love divine.

Because of the magnitude of My love, there is no end to the power of love. I am the Almighty, and so is My love for you: absolutely and completely almighty, and that means that you are not left, as so many are, to wonder and to wander hopeless and helpless.

When people are crying out to idols, they are literally crying to the wind and there is none who really hears them when they cry. Their cries are in desperation, and their idols remain not hearing their cries, for those idols are dead gods. It is to emptiness that they pray, for they are beseeching in vain. While they believe in the cleverly devised lies of wicked spirits, they find no place of peace because they are not under the covering of Jesus, My Son, and they do not have Me as God.

As you look at the conditions that are so evident in these times, the whole world is in darkness and the multitudes love it so. They would rather remain in the misery of the darkness they live in daily because the demon spirits have convinced them that they are unable to live without their sins.

So, because they are choosing the prison house of sin, they grow more and more entrenched and entangled in the same. Then, as their deceptions are increased, their morality becomes more and more debauched and degraded. They do those things that I have forbidden and that are an abomination to Me as the Creator.

Be glad even this day that I have given to you My Holy Spirit, and as you are in obedience to the same, your cup of joy will overflow as you give Me thanks and praise. As you are daily walking under the direction and correction given to you through My Spirit, you will come into greater appreciation for the love divine that you are given by Me.

As you are found abiding in My love divine, you will see that as you come to Me in the name of My Son, I will answer your prayers. You will be rejoicing and knowing of a surety that you are loved by Me. The sweetness of that love will cover you, and you will not have a confession of misery; you will have the confession of My tender mercy, for the same you will receive.

Do not allow yourselves to be deviated by demonic assaults, for I have given to you the spiritual weaponry that you need. You are intended to use the weapons for defense. When you find yourselves being attacked, submit yourselves totally to Me, resist the devil, and he will flee. This is because the demonic forces hate My presence, and when you call upon Me through the name of My Son Jesus, they know that you know they are defeated.

Therefore, be quick to obey the Holy Spirit commands given to you, for the Holy Spirit is My messenger, and the commands given by the Spirit are sent to you for your safety. Be glad that you are not found in the way of the world, for the world’s way leads to destruction and devastation. Those who are in worldliness are dumb. They are choosing for death and damnation.

Thank Me that daily you can choose for life, love, and light. As you are abiding in the blessed mercies I give to you, you are not made ashamed. Instead, you are given the goodness that I delight to give, and you will know and understand what it is to be in the way that is victorious over the wicked one and his forces.

My people are not meant to be the victimized. They are called to be the victors who will take dominion authority and power over all of the vile and malignant forces that want only to steal, kill, and destroy. Do not be swayed by the lies of evil people and evil spirits, for they are vicious and cruel. Be looking to Me as your God, your Father, and your Creator. Therefore, the enemies will find no hold in you whereby they can bring you down.

Do not allow any form of accusation against Me, My Son, My Spirit or My people to dwell in your minds, for such accusations are poisonous and will bring you to complete and overwhelming ruination. Rejoice even this day that as you make it your practice to give the praise, honor, and glory unto Me, you will find there is no end to the peace that I alone do provide. Yes, you will be able to abide and be satisfied, for you are not left in desolation, nor in isolation.

Be knowing of a surety that I am the One who gives to you the purity of relationship with Me when it is Me you are pleasing. Your joy will be overflowing as I do give to you the mercies, the miracles, and the majesty of My kingdom.