Zombie Nation Is Capturing Souls

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not forget that I am your Creator, the One who has given you the very breath of life. Do not be as the foolish who are found worshiping idols, calling the same their gods. Those who are worshiping idols are fools who are blind, deaf, and dumb. That is, having eyes, ears, and tongues, they cannot see, nor hear; neither can they speak, for they have chosen to bow to false gods, and so, they become as their gods.

I do not find pleasure in idolatry, and those who are attempting to bring others into the web of deceit that they are in are doubly damned, for they are not only worshiping dead gods but bringing others into their deceit. It is because they do not want to admit that they are needy of Me and that they are fools in the choices they have made.

Those who are too proud to repent will end up in the destitution and desperation that can turn them into literal zombies, for they become possessed by demon powers. Be aware that more and more people are ending in the zombie condition and that they literally will become, by their degree of demon possession, captives in the rising numbers of Zombie Nation.

Zombie Nation is not some science fiction tale of weirdness. Zombie Nation is the result of people who have allowed themselves to be taken into captivity by demons rather than repent before Me and be restored to Me as their Creator.

Those who are refusing the guidance of My Holy Spirit actually turn themselves over to be ruled and directed by demon powers that will cause them to become totally lost. Such as these are seen in the destitution, desperation, and desolation as they do not connect to the realities that are all around them. Their minds are completely disoriented and estranged from their circumstances, and they are literally found hopeless, helpless, and homeless.

It is truly sad what becomes of those who forget Me and go after the delusions that demons offer to them. In refusing My way, they are easily led astray and into the way from which very few return to the realms of sanity and safety that are found in Me.

When demon powers take over the minds and bodies of people, they are transformed and take up that which I never intended for them. They are taken control of by spirits that will cause them to behave in all manner of wickedness and weirdness. They are not recognizable by even some of those who have known them in times past.

This is because, by allowing the demon powers to possess them, they are turned into zombies, no longer responsive to those who once were their friends, relatives, and companions. There are many in Zombie Nation who do not recognize anyone they once were close to. This is because of the degree to which they have become possessed by demonic spirits.

Be thankful this day that you can continue to recognize Me as your Creator and as your God. The more that you are serving and worshiping Me, the more that you are guided forth in the way that I intend. It is not now My intention that any of those who love Me would be affected by the times and the demons that are ruling the times. Rather, I want My people to keep single in their vision and be the citizens of My nation.

As My true people, you are meant to be united believers who have one goal and one vision, and that is to continue serving Me no matter the times, the terrors, or the demons. Therefore, do not be susceptible to demonic suggestions, for the same will cause you many troubles and continual heartbreak.

I do not want you as My people to be under vexation and by the same become members of Zombie Nation. I want you to be kept in the straight and narrow way that I provide for those who will be with Me in eternity. Stop and consider that hell is fat and full and is continually having to expand her borders as she is continually accepting new prisoners.

Know of a surety that I do not want you to be members of Zombie Nation, nor do I want you to end in hell. My intention and desire for you is that you remain true to Me and live on this earth as members of My nation, whereby you are kept safe by My heavenly angelic forces. My angels protect you from the wicked who are so dominating in these times.

Be thankful that you are covered by My Spirit and guided in the way that I intend. Rejoice that you can be giving Me thanks and praise as you see Me provide and protect you throughout the maze of the life on this earth. You are indeed privileged to be redeemed through repentance to My Son Jesus. Likewise, as you follow in His steps, you can see clearly that all other ways lead to desolation of soul and captivity by demon powers.

Inasmuch as you will have your eyes opened, your ears unstopped, and your tongue loosed, you will be enabled to declare to others the freedom of being in My kingdom. You will see how utterly debauched and drunk on pride are the demon-possessed national leaders who are vying against each other and assuming they live forever. You will not be found among the utterly disoriented, demonized, and damned multitudes who are in Zombie Nation.

Therefore, do not be in turmoil; rather be in trust because you are looking to Me and walking in the steps of My Son. The more that you make progress in Me, the more you will be thankful for the pathway that you are on. You will have the purposed life that you are meant to have: My plan and intention.

Be glad that you are not in Zombie Nation—hell bound, destined to damnation and imprisonment in the torments and agonies found in hell forever.