Clones of Criminal Crisis

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in a time when vast multitudes have been cloned to commit crimes against Me and My people. They have been taught through the systems of government control to despise and see as evil the standards that I desire of humanity.

The public-school systems are full of master clones who are cloning children to abhor the way of righteousness and to be excited about sinfulness. Children are being instructed in the ways of sin and are taught the practices of abomination that set them up for destruction and damnation.

The results of such clone activities are seen in the absolute crisis that is evidencing itself in these times as the multitudes are full of the madness that is covering them through local, state, and national political leaders. These so-called leaders are responsible for the multitudes that they are directing to be criminal clones, which means in essence that they have instigated the criminality that people are involved in against Me.

Because those who are in power are full of “progressive” and incoherent demons, they insist that the ones they have power over be cloned into the same mindsets. For the most part, people join right in with the power-hungry leaders in their intentional rebellion against righteousness.

When I look at the collapse of cultures and the rise of the powers of destruction, I see clearly that it is time for My people to revolt against the criminals who assume they get by with their vile and wicked rulership. These leaders who have been cloned by the powers of darkness are intent in bringing others into the same corruption that they themselves are in. The goals of such ones are to bring down righteousness and to put in the rule of lawlessness, sinfulness, and filthiness.

When such ones are questioned as to their actions, they cleverly and carefully avoid giving answers. Instead, they, like serpents, seek to wind their way out of the reality of truth and return to their strongholds of deceit. Because they are cloned by demonic powers, they literally crave criminal activities against Me and My people.

It is the goal of these “progressive” power-hungry mobsters to bring the entire populace into acceptance and submission to their criminal crises they purposely engineer. However, these fools have been blinded by the devil and his demons. They are proven to be nothing more than clones who are determined to destroy all remnants of that which is moral and true according to Me. They see themselves as bringing in the New Age, whereby people are progressive in their thinking and actions, exhibiting the superiority of their “new way.”

All that such ones as these do is ensnare and entangle souls in the web of deception that is of demonic conception. Once souls are caught in the web, these people are on the progressive pathway to destruction, devastation, death, and damnation. This is the reality. The delusion is that they are bringing in a “new order” where people can be gods and by the same taste of the delights and pleasures of sin and feel no guilt over their sins.

No longer will they have to be condemned by the old standards and dictates that I gave to people in order to give them My covering of mercy. Instead, in their imagined newfound freedoms, they bring in the criminal crisis. When such a crisis occurs, the people become so wild and unruly that they need to be kept under totalitarian rule.

So, the progressive path goes from delusion, confusion, chaos and crisis to the point of proud repugnant leaders who take control by lies and force. These so-called enlightened ones have no conscience because they have been cloned to bring forth the criminal crisis and to grab control when the nations are in widespread confusion and chaos.

The truth is that the same demons that ushered in ruination to many cultures and nations long forgotten are found in the power-lusting proud fools who are in power over many nations at this time. Therefore, those of you who love Me, do not be swayed by the propaganda of liars who are demon possessed and are operating for the purpose of what they call “progressive living,” which in reality is imprisonment.

When people are quick to bow to the powers they have been taught to be good in their progressive schools, then the wicked rejoice, for their clones submit. For all of the efforts of these fools, they will be proven to be just that. Remember, it is Me the Living God who is the Creator, and the nations are nothing more than a mere drop before Me. I raise nations up and I bring them down when they are proven to be in absolute rebellion against Me.

When leaders become so drunk on their greed and lust for power that they operate as clones of the devil, I know who they are, and yes, I will bring them to devastation and ruination. They will be shown up for the absolute insane and demonically controlled clones that they are.

Once the strongholds of their crushing criminality are exposed, they will run like rats when the light exposes their wickedness. They will find literally that they have no place to hide, as they will turn on one another and their political cartels will turn into literal murder rings of demon invention.

All of the plans and purposes they projected to be progressive will be revealed to be for their own enrichment. They care nothing about those they keep in captivity. They are cloned to be criminals and will die as such.