Toughened for Terrible Times

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not despise the way that you have been and are being led by My Spirit, for I do know what you need and why you need such as I give. I do not call My people to be weak and enfeebled and unable to stand against the forces of wickedness that are washing over the earth as giant waves of darkness and iniquity. Rather, it is Me the Living God who toughens My people that they are able to stand for Me in the times that are terrible and the vast majority are motivated and ruled by demons.

I intend that as My people will obey the commands and dictates of My Spirit, they will be led forth in the way that I intend and made stronger and stronger in their faith in Me. I do not want My people to fall away when the terrible times are evidenced upon the earth. Therefore, be thankful that you have been put through My training that you will be able to stand valiant for the truth and not turn aside to the world’s welcoming arms of death.

As is shown by the signs of the times, it is only too evident that what has been is quickly eroding and will be nothing more than a faded memory. The times that are emerging are times when the wicked will continue to grow more mad by their lust for power and control over lands and peoples.

There are in these times dictators who are assuming that they are the masters of the world and beyond that, the universe. Absolutely drunk on pride and conceit, the leaders of nations imagine themselves to be more powerful than Me and able to rule the universe.

They do not have respect for human life, and they quickly kill those who dare to oppose them in their despotism and ranting madness. Over and over, there are arranged suicides, accidents, and tragedies projected as the cause of death, when really such ones are nothing but victims of pompous proud fools in power.

Be aware that I the Living God am well aware of the terrible times that are here and are increasing daily because people have refused to honor and respect Me as their Creator. Instead, in imagining themselves to be gods within, they have chosen the road to absolute, complete destruction and devastation of their souls. They have no sympathy or compassion as they turn into ravaging beasts who are devouring and destroying with no conscience of the evil they are doing against Me and other people.

When men and women are possessed by demons, there is no end to the troubles they bring forth. Their thinly veiled motivations are totally for destruction, devastation, and damnation. They, as messengers of the devil, have their agenda to kill, steal, and destroy. Consequently, the peoples they rule over become hardened to expect the most wretched and miserable of times to be the “new normal.”

Most people inwardly surrender to be suffocated by governmental propaganda and accept the misery they are in as their new normal. However, I do not call people to such misery. They take themselves there because they are afraid to stand against the terrible tyrants who have taken total control.

I do not intend that My true people collapse to the propaganda of the insane who are determined to be the all-powerful. Rather, I intend for My people to withstand the fools and to declare the light in the midst of darkness. When those who are Mine have been toughened for the terrible, they will not succumb to the demons of fear that grab hold of the majority. Likewise, they will not be found bound in the tales of terror that are an ever-present way of life.

Violence, murder, and madness are not intended to be the commonplace, yet in terrible times, the same are everyday happenings and people grow accustomed to the same. Wars and rumors of wars are going to present themselves over and over, and none will be able to escape those pressures that will attempt to overtake them to the extent that they feel unable to cope.

More and more people will see that what was is not what is now in their lives. As the terrible times increase and multiply, many will collapse to addictions, wild and wanton behaviors, and mental breakdowns. They will become totally helpless, hopeless, and homeless. The epidemic of people with no purpose will increase worldwide, and the spread of the disease of sin will appear to be invincible and impossible to stop.

However, in the face of all such troubles, it is Me the Living God who has the ones who have been toughened to face the terrible times and to win souls into My fold that they have peace within. Realize that the need for those who are toughened for the terrible is greater than ever.

I have been, by My Spirit, training My true messengers to withstand these times. Therefore, if you have been toughened for the times, reality is that you are useful for My purposes and plans. I do not leave My people to be without guidance or counsel, for I give them My Spirit to be within them, directing them daily.

Be thankful that you are not left in the desolation and isolation that are causing the trauma of the terrible times to overtake those whose hearts are failing them for fear. Reality is that I am the Almighty and I am more powerful than the tyrants who are living in the drunkenness and confusion of the demons who control their minds and actions.

Therefore, know that the most important thing is to every day let My Spirit lead and guide you, that you stay true to Me and are not swayed out of My way. The terrible times will remain as long as people refuse Me. When they repent, I show mercy!