Are You Ready for Revolution?

I am asking you, those of you who esteem yourselves to be My true and united believers: Are you ready for revolution? Know that at this time My true people cannot sit idly by and not realize that the wicked are attempting to overthrow any semblance of righteousness that is present in these times.

There are in these times multitudes of demon forces that are released on the earth and are wanting to devour and devastate vast numbers of people. These demons are motivating people to commit sin and more sin, doing those things that are vile and wicked, then bowing to idols and seeing themselves as perfect, when they are repulsive to Me.

Those who are true to Me are going to be in revolution against these demonic powers of darkness that have invaded and turned those who are claiming to serve Me into those whose behaviors are wicked. The ruination to My Son’s name is very severe because multitudes are under the impression that the Christians are more wicked than the heathen.

Sad to say, the shepherds of those who attend their whorehouse churches are false, and the people are likewise false. The tragedy of their sins is that they do not stop and make repentant reconciliation. They just go deeper and deeper into the filthy mire they wallow themselves in.

As in the days of antiquity among My people, multitudes are deluding themselves because they are motivated by dark and evil forces, and they disobey My commands and bow to the commands of demon spirits. They refuse the true messengers, My prophets who have cried out and warned them of the consequences of their sins. Yet, as the impudent idiots that they are, they have stubbornly refused to pay heed, and have gone on in their extravagant mockery and pretension against Me as their Maker, their God.

This is why I ask you, “Are you ready for revolution?” because if you do not REVOLT against their wickedness, then you become a part of the problem and not the solution. You will find yourselves swayed towards worldliness, whereby you will end in the prisons of wickedness that hold the multitudes in captivity.

There are gross forces of darkness who are vying with each other in the world at this time. Nations are being ruled by leaders who are driven mad by their lust for power, and these leaders are godless and seeing themselves as absolute emperors over the world. Fools they are, because they are mere human beings and they absolutely do not control Me. In fact, they are proven repeatedly to be easily brought down and disposed of by Me.

However, the delusions that the world is operating under come back to the reality that the false church has grown fat and increased with goods and imagine they have need of nothing except more money and power. So it is that the world is affected by the fakery of those who are claiming to be Mine, while all the while they are living in lies and delusions.

In such pretension, they do not reprove those sins found in their midst, nor do they reprove the wickedness that is common among the world’s people. Instead, they put their approval on those things that are abomination before Me, then they take up the way of demon inspiration rather than Holy Spirit inspiration. By their behaviors, they give out the message that the contamination, corruption, and atrocious criminality are all acceptable to Me.

These false churches are whorehouses and teach people to dishonor Me rather than respect Me. They do not stand against the evil of these times. Rather, they participate in the same, then declare that they have done no evil. They welcome the weary into their wickedness and add numbers to their ranks. Those who are looking for Jesus are looking in vain, for the false Jesus they encounter is nothing more than a masquerading demon sent by the devil to devour.

Of course, the pastors of these disasters love it so, for they delight to hear of the wicked, wanton, weird behaviors that people are exhibiting in their congregations. They are guilty of celebrating sin and condemning righteousness. They are the first to do character mutilation against My true prophets who are declaring to them their sins.

Yes, it is My time to bring greater exposure of the sins found in the whorehouses of gross wickedness, both in the church and in the world. The very seat of government in this nation, the White House, is literally the dark house because of the sins of the leaders. Likewise, the false churches will be exposed in their wanton wickedness and shown up to be demon inspired and ruled. Both people and pastors are full of the filthiness and abominations that will bring them damnation of their souls.

As My true people, you must resist steadfastly the temptation to sin and keep on sinning. Rather, you need to see quite clearly that My way is given to you that you can come forth rejoicing and giving Me thanks and praise. When you are called and chosen as revolutionaries, it is intended that you follow in the steps of My Son Jesus.

Jesus was, is, and always will be The Revolutionary that you are to pattern yourselves after. He did not in any measure flirt with sin. He resisted and refuted sin and showed the religious self-righteous to be the hypocrites and mockers that they were.

So it is even now. As My revolutionaries, you are to continue to tear down the walls of falsehood, delusion, and confusion, then call for those who long for truth to come out from among the doomed and be set free to follow Me!