Will You Come or Will You Run?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Will you come follow in the steps of My Son Jesus, or will you run in fear of the requirements of the same? There were multitudes who admired Jesus in the days of His earthly pilgrimage, yet they did not follow Him, but rather ran from the requirements that He outlined for His disciples to follow. This is because they loved the world and the things that were in the world more than they could have loved Him. Such ones as these chose their fleshly attachments above the truth that He gave forth, and because of that, they did not receive the rewards of the righteous.

So it is even in these times. There are endless multitudes who admire Jesus from afar off, but they will run from walking in His steps because they consider the standard that He requires to be impossible. However, they are wrong, for they are only looking at what they have to lose. They are not looking at what they will gain if they commit themselves totally to Him and choose His way as the way of life they are meant to follow on earth.

Sad to say, there are so many who hear and are impressed, yet they quickly draw back when they see that the way of Jesus is the way of total and complete commitment to Him and His desires for their lives. In their own choices, they are going to lose out with what I had in store for them had they chosen for life rather than death.

Such ones as these will wonder and wander their entire lives on earth, for they will be as those who are haunted with the wrong choices that they have made. Of course, the primary wrong choice they made was against the call that Jesus gives to all, which is to “come, follow Me.” When they made that choice to turn away from the call, they likewise chose the darkness rather than the light.

Those who are choosing darkness rather than light do so without careful consideration of what is ahead of them and if they will gain anything out of their choices except to satisfy self. Self is never satisfied, and those who choose according to the dictates of their own carnality are choosing to be tossed about and never find satisfaction.

My true people will not put self above Me, for they will know and understand that I am their God, and that Jesus is their Savior, and that they must obey the commands of My Spirit because there is no other way to life. Those who are choosing to follow Jesus wherever He leads will understand that they must keep moving and obeying those things that the Lord dictates to them and not be ashamed to follow Him in His ways.

They will understand that He is the One who gave His life in order to be the covering for their sins. When they make their commitment to follow the Lamb wherever He leads, they are choosing for the duration of their lives on earth to forsake all and follow Him as their Shepherd. They are of the revelation that there is only one way that leads to eternal life, and that is the way of Jesus.

Actually, the way of Jesus is the way that will bring peace to the world, yet the world rejects Him because they imagine all manner of demonic lies against Him to be true. The world refuses to bow to Him because their deeds are wickedness and they do not want to forsake the evil of their doings. The world hates Jesus and they prefer to downgrade Him rather than upgrade their own lives by changing their ways.

So, because of those who are so short-sighted and steeped in selfishness, they choose to be cursed rather than blessed, and in their choosing, they are the ones who are losing out with Me. Do I find pleasure in such ones as these? No! They are literally proving how dumb and dull they are, for they are only considering what they must give up, not what they could have gained.

When they stand before Me, they will be rejected by Me, for they chose to reject My Son, and He is the greatest gift ever given to humanity. These fools chose for the coverings of perversity, vanity, and insanity, and by such choices they made it plain that they wanted the pain and torment of hell.

Some will question how such a fate could have come upon them, yet they are failing to understand that they are the ones who chose their fate. Consequently, by their choices, they are the prisoners of disobedience. If you take all of these factors into consideration, it will become evident that there is no other way that leads to eternal life.

Those who imagined they could choose according to their own selfishness are proven to be the ultimate fools, and they will never be enabled to partake of the joys of My presence. As they grow old, they will carry on their faces the ugliness of their choices, for they did not choose The Way Beautiful; they chose the way horrible, for hell is their destination.

I do not want you to be found in such company, for these fools want to draw others into their misery and mistakes. You are not called to keep company with them, but you are called to keep company with Me, for I am the One who loves you and desires to see you brought forth by a plain path.

Be thankful each day that you can serve Me and continue to obey the dictates of the Holy Spirit that are the way of all truth. Rejoice likewise that you can continue to walk in the steps of Jesus and remain in obedience rather than rebellion. As you give thanks and praise that you are redeemed, you will be made glad that you obeyed the call to forsake all.