Watch Me Win

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who is the One who is well able. I tell you the truth: when it is Me that you are looking unto, then you will see that I am indeed the One who is the Winner. Despite the efforts of the wicked to gain control, they are shown to be fools. I absolutely have My own plans, and even though men, women, and nations imagine that they shall rule the entire world, know they are drunk on pride.

When you see the wicked and perverse leaders of these times, you are seeing those who are operating under demonic delusion and confusion. There is nothing clear or clean in their thinking or in their plans. This is because they have chosen to follow the demon spirits that rule over their lives.

As My people, know that you are not intended to be frightened nor taken aback by the absolute absurdity of the idiocy that is present in positions of power. Rather, you are to use the express ability that you have when you keep steadfastly looking to Me and knowing that I am indeed the All-Powerful who remains everlasting and eternal. The reality is that I am the winner and I always will be. No matter the wild and totally chaotic schemes and plans of demon possessed leaders, they will not do away with My power, nor will they be able to eradicate the truth.

Therefore, know that I am indeed well able, through the Holy Spirit, to give to you each day the direction and the correction that you have need of to be directed and instructed in My way. My way is the way that is perfect and precious, and I want you to be always in that way because, as you are being guided in life, light, and love, and kept from the darkness of death, it is a joy to Me when the ones that I call will follow Me with gladness and rejoicing because they love Me.

There is no reason to come under the covering of wickedness when I offer to any and all who will receive, the way that is victorious. I do not intend for those who are My people to be defeated and the victims of the wicked. Now I want you to ponder this: that to the world, it appeared that My Son Jesus was defeated by the wicked, for they put Him to physical death on the cross. However, I am the One who raised Him up from the grave and gave Him authority over all spirits of death and destruction.

By His obedience to My plan and purpose, He has eternal and everlasting power over all other powers: in the heavens, the earth, and hell. Because He obeyed Me even unto His own death physically, He did not remain in that place, because I brought Him forth alive. I gave to Him all that He needed, and by the same He became clearly everything that I desired Him to be. He remains the depiction of the victory that I intend for all who will remain true and faithful unto Me as the One they serve.

Know that My ways are higher than the ways of men and women, and that the carnal mind is not really able to fathom all that I do for those who remain trusting Me far beyond the circumstances and situations they are involved in.

The truth of existence is plainly that there are only two ways, and all people must choose to do good or to do evil. I do not want you to do evil under any circumstances. I want you to do good because I am the One who loves you and desires to see you ever uplifted and guided in a plain path.

Yes, it is My preference for all to come into My fold. However, I am well aware that there are vast numbers of people who will never come to Me, because they love wickedness and prefer the darkness they are bound in because their deeds are evil. Such ones as these are choosing to self-destruct and are motivated by demon forces that want them to be found dead rather than alive.

I do not want you to be found dead; I want you to understand and partake of the life, the love, and the light that are available in Me. Walk each day in humility and subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit and not the carnal mind that is found in all people.

The carnal mind is the instrument that is susceptible to the devil and his demons and cannot be converted because it is the enemy of My purposes and plans. Therefore, do not be carnally minded and by the same end up destroyed and devoured. Rather be heavenly minded and continue to be under the mind of My Spirit.

I have stored up many treasures for those who are the winners, and as they are found victorious in the fight for their faith and the fate of others, so will they receive the treasures both now and in eternity. Therefore, be ever thankful that it is Me that you are loving, serving, and obeying each day, for I do not leave you desolate nor desperate. I have all ready, and I will continue to show to those who are watching Me that I will always win over the evil forces, for I am the Almighty God.

When you see all of the conflicts that men and women indulge themselves in for nothing except violence, bloodshed, and power domains, know that they are judged accordingly. The motivations that drive men and women to madness will prove to be the forces that are defeated by Me.

Those who are My true followers will not remain in the place of defeat and death, for I am the One who is the resurrection power, and I will raise them up again and again as they partake of the new life that is their habitation.

Be glad and not sad that you are on the winning side and that you do not need to be found among the losers who exist under demonic control.