I Am Your Help in Times of Trouble

I speak unto you this day and I say: Look to Me, look to Me, look to Me. I give you this command that you pay heed and do not let the enemy deviate you from Me, for I am the One who is ever available to you. As you are looking to Me and keeping your trust in Me, you will receive the strength you need to endure and go forth in My way.

Needless to say, you are living in times when there are troubles on every hand. Yet, I do not want you to yield to those troubles and let the same take the control over you. Be aware that I never intend for those who are Mine to be consumed of the troubles that are upon this earth and by the same be overwhelmed. Rather, it is My intention that the ones who are serving Me would continue steadfast in the way that My Spirit leads.

Know that you are indeed privileged to have the Holy Spirit as your guide. You are not left alone in the confusion and delusion of these times when multitudes are being swept up in the discouragement and disappointment that will overwhelm and overtake you if you yield to the same. More than ever, you will be shown that it is not a shame to cry out to Me and to see that yes, My Spirit is ever there to guide you in a plain path.

More than anything, rely upon Me and know that I do not want you to be in the company of the damned and taken down by their selfishness and power lust. Those who are headed to damnation want to take others with them because misery loves company, and the more people they recruit into their misery, the more their power lust is fed. The treacherous, the treasonous, and the adulterous are all in the same boat. They are on the sea of iniquity and loving the filthiness, the vileness, the sinfulness of the waves that are rocking them to death.

Why is it that people harden their hearts towards Me and choose to believe lies over the truth? It is because they have darkness within themselves that they have never yielded over. Because of the inward motivation of the demons who are living in those dark recesses, the hosts of such spirits are directed to their own destruction and damnation.

I do not intend for people to be under the turmoil and troubles that are now upon this earth. Such things are the consequences of sin and rebellion against Me as the Creator. When people are forever choosing darkness above the light, it is because they are, so they think, enjoying the short-lived pleasures of sin. However, such is demonic deceit, for those who are in the habit of continual sinning are literally found cursed and riddled with torments and troubles because of their choices.

Those of you who love Me, remain trusting Me, for I do not want you to be overwhelmed by the world and the troubles of the same. Rather, I want you to be found rejoicing each and every day that I am who I say that I AM, and that you can count on Me.

When you see the nations being shaken and relationships gone to rot, do not imagine that I have left you in the madness of the world. Rather be thankful that each day, as you are choosing for Me and asking the Holy Spirit to guide you, you will be guided in goodness rather than the rottenness that is over those who are guided by demons. Do not for any time believe every voice, for this is a time when endless demons have invaded the land and are looking for hosts. I have warned you against such spirits, and I warn you again: do not be listening to the voices of demons.

When those who are Mine call upon Me, I do not turn a deaf ear. Rather, I hear them when they cry because it is Me that they recognize their need of. Those who are too self-confident are trusting in the arm of flesh and assuming that they within themselves can “take care of things.” The truth is, they take care of nothing, let alone themselves, because they are trusting in the pride of their own minds.

Do not allow yourselves to listen to demons who will assure you of how great you are. You can identify such liars because their goals are twisted and far from My intentions for you. It is My intention that, as My people, you follow the voice of the Holy Spirit and not the voices of spirits of deception.

The demonic powers of pride present themselves in many forms, and their basic intentions are to kill, steal, and destroy any who will fall under the spell of pride. I abhor the proud, and as My people, you are meant to keep steadily resisting such demon powers, for they will seek to ensnare and entangle you in the web of deception.

There is no reason for those who seek for Me to become useless because they fall for the enticement and entanglement of pride and are overwhelmed and overtaken to the point that I cannot use them at all. This is because their minds take on the commands of demons and reject the commands of My Spirit, which are intended for their safety in troublesome times.

Do not go into the secret places of pride within your minds and hearts, for they are deadly. Rather ask My Spirit to reveal and expose the workings of pride in your lives that you do not succumb to the temptations that present themselves to you. That is, seek to be cleansed from the hidden sins of pride and self-confidence, for those demons will cause you to take to yourselves the glory that belong to Me.

Many have yielded to the same and are now shipwrecked on the sea of iniquity. Find your refuge in Me as your help.