Flames of Fire

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be alert and aware that it is Me the Living God who is bringing down the shrines of idolatry that have been built by the hands of evil men who are intent on showing their powers. I am no longer allowing the evils that men and women have gotten by with, for they have filled up their cups. You will see that I will use the proud and defiant against those who are likewise proud and defiant, and they will destroy each other in their blindness and determination to prove their powers.

Those of you who love Me, do not mourn over what is transpiring in the world, for when My wrath is ventilated, it is as a giant storm, an uncontrollable wind that shall topple their empires. Be thankful when you see My hand of wrath, fury, and indignation being exhibited more and more upon those who have chosen for evil rather than good.

I do not tolerate men and women in their vile activities when the stench of the death they have brought forth reaches My nostrils. In these times, do not be shocked when you see those who are termed by the world to be honored and respected to be totally exposed as the rotten, vile, and wicked. This is because I am sending forth my flames of fire, who are My true ministers, and they will expose the wicked in their corruption.

Therefore, do not be sad; rather be glad that it is Me the Living God who will cause the eruption of revolution against wickedness, for the same is long overdue. For too long, My people have closed their mouths and refused to declare fully the cankered corruption that is the covering of insanity over the land. However, it is the time for My people to become the flames of fire they are meant to be, because by their words, which are given by My Spirit, they will speak forth the judgments against the cruel conspirators who have plotted to destroy all righteousness.

Know that when My true ministers become flames of fire, their words will burn and cause to set aflame the multitudes who have sat passively by and allowed themselves to be herded to their own destruction. As the common people are ignited, many of them will rally behind the righteous and join in the revolution that is inevitable. Of course, internal war is ugly, yet because of the persistent attacks of the wicked, the time has come for defensive demonstration of revolution against those who want to destroy all who stand for good.

Why is it that people are trying to cover their sins continually instead of admitting that they desperately need to repent? It is because the loud mouths who hold positions of power are espousing the complete overthrow of all who stand in any degree for righteousness.

Therefore, know that the truth will continue to march onward and that the times will no longer be those of cold war, with covert agendas. I am pulling back the covering of corruption and exposing, by the severe winds of change, that I am disgusted, disappointed, and determined to re-establish My standards once again.

These things I tell you that you will not be shocked nor overwhelmed by the absolute adversity, perversity, and insanity that will be revealed. Rather be in revolution against the same, for you are not meant to be in false human compassion towards those who have purposed evil continually. Be thankful each day that I am the God who is eternal, and long after the wicked have been disposed of, I remain.

Therefore, be glad that you do not need to walk in the way of fools, nor do you need to fall for the folly that is evidencing itself. Rather, you can allow the holy fire to consume the dross within you and become flames of fire in the revolution for righteousness.

Do not be afraid. Be assured that as you choose for what I intend, you will be kept by Me, for I am greater than any of the evil powers that wicked men and women display. When those who love Me keep their faith ever in Me, they will see Me do miracles of mercy for them and their loved ones.

I am indeed bringing forth those have been lazy and hazy in their beliefs into the stark and shining light that they must no longer remain uncommitted. Many of them, when revealed in their conditions, will repent and stand with the righteous. Consequently, the very things that My prophets have been declaring for years that were coming will be made evident, and the eruptions will continue as volcanic lava of fire pouring forth. Thank Me that you can realize that this is demonstration of the truth pouring forth.

Be aware and alert to the commands of My Spirit and know that in the same you will be guided and directed in the pathway of sanity and safety. It is My intention to show that I alone am well able and that I send My Spirit commands for those who will hear and obey.

You do not need to live in the fears that the wicked will send out in the form of demons, motivating people to all manner of insane deeds. Rejoice that it is Me the Living God who is in control and will continue to guide by My Spirit the ones who desire the goodness of My standards to return.

I will show once more, inasmuch as the wicked have proudly strutted themselves in arrogant array, imaging their riches can buy them anything they want, that their riches cannot buy them safety from Me. You will see the utter devastation of those who have plotted ruination, and the evil they have done will be returned to them multiplied.

Those of you who love Me, rise up in obedience and become My flames of fire!