Agonies of the Damned

I speak unto you this day and I say that the agonies of the damned can never end, nor can they be reversed by the paid prayers of religious men. It is My desire that those who are wicked would repent in this life on earth and change their ways. Yet the vast majority will not, because they are desirous of the wickedness that they are involved in.

Therefore, when they are found in the agonies of the damned, know that the same is their just reward for the wickedness they have committed. There is no rest for the wicked, for they will suffer in this life and in hell forever because of the evil of their doings. I do not condone those who are wicked and persist in their wickedness. In fact, I abhor them in their deeds, and I will cause them to undergo the torments, the anguish, the sorrow and the agony they so justly deserve.

Those who are persistent in their deeds of wickedness do not get by on Me, and while they may imagine that they do, know that their assumptions are false because I find no joy in them whatsoever. In fact, I am sorely angered with them and I ventilate My wrath, fury, and indignation upon them, both now and forever in hell, where they will remain, never enabled to be set free.

I am not interested in those who are choosing to be losing by walking afar off from Me and indulging themselves in the perversity and insanity that are so common in these times. Of course, I send My Spirit to overshadow them to call them to repentance. However, when they are stubbornly and proudly refusing Me, then they are the ones who are inviting to themselves the troubles that they will not be able to escape.

Therefore, be aware that I do not put approval on those who are adamant against My way. Rather, I put condemnation upon them, for they are by their own choices determining damnation for themselves and their generations.

While such ones as these imagine themselves to be wise, they are literally nothing but fools who will be destroyed in their folly. Because of their determination to go in the way of transgressors, they are found in the idolatry of self, and the same blinds them to their own condition before Me. I never intended for men and women to imagine themselves to be gods, and yet, because they are under the covering of demons, they determine their own destiny by their outright rebellion and resistance towards the truth.

Those who are choosing to live under lies instead of the truth are doing so because they see the same as a justification for the evil they are committing constantly and are ever absorbed in. Yet they are short sighted and dumb, because they have yielded themselves to the demons that motivate them, and they have become nothing but vain fools.

Repeatedly, they do the deeds of darkness, and the consequences of the same will give them everlasting torments and anguish. Literally, they will get a preview of their eternity in this life, for I will give them torments and unrest even now as they are still on this sin-cursed earth.

Be aware that I am not mocked, and bitter is the cup of those who have made a mockery of Me and My people. Know of a surety that they will not get by on Me, and I will hold them highly accountable, for I am sorely displeased with them.

The reality is that when those who have known Me through salvation in My Son Jesus turn aside from Me, they will take up those things that will prove to be destruction unto their souls. While they may put on a facade of finding pleasure in their pursuit of sin, they will know the inward agonies that will not leave them alone.

Truly, there is no rest for those who choose to do evil, and their lives, while appearing to be fat and flourishing, are not that at all. Such as these are riddled with the sorrows that will bring them down. Then they are under constant and continual torment because of the choices they have inwardly made against Me and My true people.

I will repay them many times over for the harm they have done against My true Ones. Therefore, when you see the proud and arrogant putting on their parades and charades of enjoyment, know that they hold themselves together by various addictions and evil habits that only bring them greater anguish.

Do not be deceived by the pretenders who are wearing masks, for when their masks are removed, they are proven to be under bitter and everlasting anguish. The reality is that when you see the ones who are steeped in evil, know that they will receive the rewards of their choices, and the same will never be sweet.

They will drink the bitter waters of their transgressions and cannot escape the gall of the same. They cannot buy contentment and they cannot find satisfaction. This is because they have chosen to please and worship themselves as gods, and self is a cruel and despotic dictator and will cause them nothing but continual unrest and disappointment.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to be found in the agonies of the damned, nor do you need to envy the wicked, for the end of the wicked is everlasting and eternal torment, agony, suffering, and anguish. There will be no end to the torture that they will undergo in hell because of the wickedness of their choices and their deeds.

Let your hearts be uplifted in rejoicing because you are not found in their habitations. Rather, you are found abiding in the joy and the peace that I give to the righteous who obey My commands to them. Truly, there is no rest for the wicked!