Accepted or Rejected

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is My intention that those who are claiming to be My people would be found accepted each and every day because they are walking uprightly. It is not meant for My people to pursue the world and all of its folly. Rather, they are meant to follow in the steps of My Son Jesus and serve Him with all that lies within them.

Those who are eager to chase after the world and all of its latest invitations to deviate from My path are playing with the reality of being rejected by Me. It is truly a shameful thing when those who are claiming to be Mine will abandon My way and go after the stupidity of the world as they are choosing the vanity, perversity, and insanity that are found in the world’s ways.

Know that such behaviors reflect hearts full of adultery and eyes that are forever roaming after the forbidden. Why do they flirt with their own rejection? It is because they have not subjected their hearts to the Holy Spirit to cleanse them of secret sins.

Be glad even this day that you do not need to be found among those who have deviated and separated themselves from Me by committing those sins that I do not intend or ordain for them to be in. Such ones as choose to deviate and separate themselves from Me will be rejected by Me because they are loving lies more than the truth. Likewise, they are loving the covering of demonic and alien spirits above My Holy Spirit covering.

There are so many ways of deception that are found in the broad way, and those who are going after such ways are found in the folly that will bring them to ruination and deviation from reality. When you see the ones who are covered in deceit, it is because they love it so. In adhering to the world’s ways, they are blatantly showing forth their rebellion towards Me and exhibiting a multitude of transgressions.

Inasmuch as My people are meant to walk humbly before Me, I want them to know of a reality that the course that is set before them is the way that is proven to be life eternal. They are given goodness and mercy and yes, they know Me as the God of miracles. They will know the blessedness that I have prepared for them, and their testimony will be one of praise and adoration for Me as the God they serve.

Why is it that those who have known My way then return to the folly and the foolery of their own understanding then assume that they are all right with Me? It is because they want to return to the mire and the muck of sin and to partake with relish of the very sins that held them in captivity and bondage.

The reality is that people make their choices every day as to whether they will be found accepted or rejected by Me. There are far too many who get so busy with the cares of this life that they do not realize that such cares will bring them down, down, down. As they are caught up in the cruelty of the cares of this life, they grow more and more anxious and are continually fearful and concerned. They do not know what it is to abide in My peace and to know that I will care for them at all times.

You are not meant to be caught up in the cares of this life; you are meant to know that I will give to you exactly what you have need of in every circumstance and situation. Consider the flowers of the field. Do not I give to them what they need to come forth beautiful? Do not I care for the birds of the air and provide for them? Therefore, I can and I do care for you, and I am well able to provide for you.

Of course, the everyday grind of life can wear My people down if they do not take the time to seek Me first and foremost every day. Inasmuch as they fill themselves on the rot of the world rather than My truth, they are ensnared in the traps that the enemies have set for them, and then they are unable to get free.

Be aware that I do not intend for those who are Mine to be caught up and taken down by the cares of this life. I intend them to keep steadily looking to the example of My Son and walking in His steps. In these times, there are multitudes who have succumbed to the greed that is so present to infect. By such greed for the things that prove to be excessive and actually become an encumbrance to their lives, they are overwhelmed.

Some are found so deeply in debt, they will never escape the cavern of the same, yet they will not stop their buying, nor will they submit their finances to My scrutiny. Rather than relinquish their so-called spending power, they would rather live in the hopeless despair of never-ending debts.

When My people will be yielded to Me in all parts of their lives, they will find safety and strength because they will have the assurance that they are found accepted by Me. My Spirit will guide them in the ways that are sensible and respectful of My principles of conduct. They will not want to have the world’s ways and be rejected by Me.