Impossible Made Possible

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me and Me alone who is the Creator of all humankind, and the things that are impossible with men are possible by and through Me. Therefore, this day realize that those who call upon Me in the hour of their need will not be ashamed. Rather, they will see clearly that, through My mighty arm revealed, I am indeed able.

It is Me the Living God who delivered My people out of the cruelty of their oppressors in Egypt, and it is Me the Living God who does hear the heart cries of those who are so oppressed worldwide. That means that when My people are in a position whereby their deliverance seems impossible, it is Me the Living God who is well able to open even the very sea and create dry ground.

Therefore, do not be as those who imagine that they must “just give up and die” and so they surrender to death, when it is My intention that they would live and see the miracles I had in store for them. Know that I intend for you to remain steadfast until the end, knowing over and over that I am the God of mercy and miracles, as you shall experience the same over and over.

I desire that the testimony of My people would be that the impossible has been made possible by and through Me, as they are living examples of My prevailing power. This in mind, let hope soar in your hearts, and see that as you keep your confidence in Me, you will know Me as the God who shall and will prevail through a people who are ever confident in Me as their God.

I have never intended that those who are Mine would be found in the place whereby the enemies maintain lasting victory over them. Nor do I leave My people as slaves forever in the habitations of the wicked. When those who are Mine keep steadily looking to Me and calling upon Me, they will know what it is to have their chains snapped and to be set free.

Stop and consider that it is My desire that you would go through the fire of testing and trial and come out not as victims, but as the victorious who are not ashamed to declare My name, inasmuch as I do see the ones who have been scattered, tattered, torn, and greatly scorned because of their identity with My Son Jesus. Know that such ones I will regather and uplift, and I will establish them once again; and they shall be My people, and I will be their God.

Their enemies will be treated with the same contempt and scorn that they exhibited towards My people. Reality is that when I have put My love upon My people, the power of that love will see them through all circumstances. Inasmuch as the covering over the world at this time is full of insane men and women who are insatiable in their lust for power and riches, know that they will be in poverty. It is Me the Living God who will bring them to naught, and they will see their very regimes taken from them. Then they will face death and, unable to escape the same, will be cast headlong into hell forever.

I am not mocked, and those who have made My people their special targets of oppression because the wicked hate My righteousness, will be brought down and mocked by all. Even those who they imagined to be their companions will be proven to be nothing more than defectors who leave them in their rottenness.

While the world leaders are lying and vying with each other for total world domination, they will find themselves fleeing from their own nations. While they were once hailed, they shall be exposed and left desolate, destined to the damnation they justly deserve for their wickedness and oppression.

Be thankful this day that you are not found among the ones who are destined to be damned. Rather, you are found among the ones who are lifted up and given My victory flag, which shall fly high over them. My people will live in full surrender, not to their once triumphant enemies, but in surrender and obedience unto My Spirit. As they are being guided daily by My Spirit, they will know the blessedness and the peace that covers those who know Me as their God and are not ashamed to declare the same.

As you are serving Me in the attitude of gratitude and trusting that I am able, you will experience for yourselves the impossible made possible and know that there is none who is like unto Me. You will be uplifted in faith, confidence, and trust in Me. I do not by any means leave you to be overwhelmed and overtaken by the workers of iniquity and darkness. Do not veer away from Me; rather come forth each day trusting in Me, knowing that there is none who is like Me and that I will prevail. It is goodness that will be given to you, as the cup of My blessedness is yours to drink.

Know that those who once thought you to be dead by their efforts will drink the cup of bitterness, for all of their hatred will be revealed, and you will be raised up by My power. They will be in rage that will eat at them, for all of their schemes and dreams of your destruction will cause them great bitterness. Rejoice for the sweetness of My love.