Conquer Fear by Faith

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not intend for My people to be living in fear and trembling over the world’s troubles and what will be next in the never-ending funnel of fear. My people are meant to live and abide in Me as the One they love and serve at all times.

When it is Me that My people are looking unto, they are kept. However, if My people approach everything through the covering of fear of the present, fear of the future, fear of the world’s insanity and instability, they will find themselves in the lockdown of fear as their master. My people are not meant to be mastered over by demonic powers, and the power of fear is just that, a cruel and tormenting master who causes anguish.

If you find that you have allowed fear to come into your mind and your heart, realize that through the power that is found in the name of Jesus, you can conquer fear and drive out those demons that want to torment you. Of course, fears of every kind such as rule the heathen are alive and active in these times of mass immigration.

The reality is that when people come into any nation apart from their own, they bring with them whatever demons as are inhabiting them. That is, they do not leave their demons in their homelands; rather, they bring the baggage of those spirits with them. Inasmuch as they are coming into a new territory, those demons are multiplying daily, and some get tired of overcrowding and jump into unsuspecting national citizens of the host nation.

As My people, be aware that there has been a mass invasion in this land of demonic and alien spirits that you know nothing about. Many are being infected while trying to show compassion to the carriers of such spirits. Then they too become carriers, and the demonic and alien spirits are multiplied and so, the powers of darkness are increasing.

There are regions of the nation that are so grossly invaded that the natural citizens are endangered daily and are seeing gross eruptions of violence, thievery, and brutality. People are being murdered by those who are intent on bringing nothing but destruction and devastation to the host nations that they have invaded as parasites.

Do not become the hosts of such parasites, for the majority are not coming in for legitimate reasons such as true political and religious asylum. Rather, they are coming in as invading forces of demons and aliens, who want nothing more than to kill, steal, and destroy. Therefore realize, if you are living in the “danger zones,” that the same are truly that, and beware of those who approach you that you do not know.

Likewise, realize that the devil does not play fair and that his goals do not change. He knows exactly how to bring about his wicked agenda, and his agents are sent to do just that. It is indeed a tragedy when people are so infected with fear that they do not know what to do next, and they wonder when the invasion of the insane will stop.

Reality is that the invasion of insane and perverse powers is on the rise, and the government is involved because they too, for the most part, are insane and are receiving foreign monies to destroy the very nations they rule. If you stop and consider how totally chaotic all of this is, know that this is the consequence of nations that have gone to extremes, with no thought for the future.

When you see the absurdity of governmental decisions, they are based on destruction and are plainly the work of the devil. Do not imagine that I want you to be in the fear of such powers, for through the greater power that is found in Jesus Christ, My Son, you can put the covering of His blood over you and cast out the demons of fear. I do not want you to succumb to the powers that are lurking and desiring to overwhelm and overtake you. Rather know that as you will resist, refuse, and rebuke such spirits, they must depart.

If the so-called Christians of this nation would have kept their first estate rather than giving way to demon spirits, they would not have found themselves in the calamities that are besetting the world. However, inasmuch as My people have been too busy following the folly of fools, they have proven to be participants in the problem rather than refuting the same.

I do not want you to be involved in the dilemma of darkness that has overtaken this land. I want you to realize that you are not subject to the invading forces of insanity; rather, you are subject to Me as the One you love and obey.

There are so many forces of darkness swirling and sucking out souls. Do not be a casualty by becoming a host to these parasites. Instead, stand for the truth and the light that are ever present with you, and refute the lying and seducing spirits that want to overwhelm, overtake, and destroy.

The fact remains that I am more powerful than any force of destruction, and that if those who are Mine will stand in that power, they will see these demon and alien spirits exposed and driven out. Therefore, rejoice even this day that I have given to you the ability to be the conquerors not the conquered. As you keep steadily looking to Me as the power that is almighty, you will find that your faith is increased as you behold My mercies and My miracles given.

Thank Me that I am able to convert and bring into My fold the ones who desire Me. Likewise, I am able to expose and expel the parasites of destruction, ruination, and damnation.