The People’s Choice: Disgusting to Me

I speak unto you this day and I say: That which people choose is not what I want when they have turned aside from Me and gone after the ways of the world. I do not want My people to be choosing according to the world, yet they do when they have allowed themselves to go after the world and to follow the behaviors and trends of the same.

These times you are living in are insane and disgusting in My sight. I see the way so many of those who have claimed that they were Mine have departed from Me. They have played the whore and gone after the world, and I am sorely displeased and disappointed in their unfaithfulness to Me. When those who use My Son’s name choose to misrepresent Him, they are setting themselves up to become My enemies by their choices to live in sin.

I never intended that the people who are Mine would go after the world and do things according to their own understanding, likewise disrespecting and disregarding godly wisdom and instruction in righteousness. When you see the ones who are choosing according to the world, know they are bringing curses upon themselves and their generations.

In the days of antiquity, when My people chose according to the world as was shown in the heathen round about, they chose to be under the devil and his demons. That is, they purposely did not respect the order that I had for them to walk by, and they demanded to have a king to rule over them instead of Me.

Because of their own choosing, they were the ones who lost out with Me, and the very king they insisted they must have became a curse to them. To Me, they were disgusting because they no longer wanted My rule over them, but they wanted a fleshly man whose eyes were blinded by pride and inward defiance of Me.

Consider that I did not call My people to go under the mindset that was acceptable to the heathen or the world’s people. I called them to remain true and faithful to Me and to reflect the superiority of My kingdom over the ways that the heathen were living in. However, because of their insistence, they were given their choice and by the same found under the rule of a despotic leader.

The people’s choice for a king proved to bring upon them and their generations sufferings that were to teach them a lesson they so badly needed. Sadly enough, they underwent sufferings that were the consequence of their rejection of My rule over them. So it is even now. When My people are insistent and persistent that they have things “their own way,” they will find themselves in the pit of their own making.

There are many who are in that shape these days, for they have made choices that are according to the world, and then they are found in sufferings and troubles that have been brought upon them by their choices. Those who are claiming that they are My people are not meant to look to carnal men and women as the power they trust over their lives. Rather, they are to continue steadfastly looking to Me as the One who bears rule over them.

When those who are My people are fearing the world’s leaders and attributing more power to them than to Me, they are bringing many sorrows to themselves. Likewise, they are choosing to respect and honor men as being more powerful than I am. If you really stop and think about that, how could any man, woman, leader or nation be more powerful than I?

I do not want you to live in fear of the heathen rulers who are insane and perverse, full of demons and driven by insatiable greed and lust for power. Those who get their eyes full of adultery will be in fear and trembling over what the powers are doing, and likewise imagining that such powers are beyond My scope of control. How utterly stupid such thinking is, because they are attributing more power to mere men and women than to Me.

Realize that I am the Creator of all humankind and that there is none who can ever overthrow Me. Keeping this in mind, do not fall under the fear for the future that the multitudes are covered by and therefore adhering to the insane commands and dictates of mad men and women. Those who easily crumple to the threats of the wicked are dumb before Me because they are by their own choices putting themselves in bondage and oppression.

It is My intention that My people would cherish the salvation mercies they have received through repentance unto Jesus and acceptance of His sonship. Those who stay true in their hearts and minds will not be found among the unstable who are forever double-minded.

When you see the ones who allow the lust of their flesh to overpower them, you are seeing fools who will be taken in their folly and find themselves bankrupt regarding the truth. Because they are choosing to be in captivity to the lust of their flesh, they are making the choices that will end them in damnation.

While they will deviate from Me and the mercies I so abundantly provide, their hearts will prove to be hardened by sin. In making flesh their arm, they have put themselves under the curses of the same. Then, they go after strange flesh and live in the filthiness of continual fornication and adulterous practices.

Do people make the right choices for their lives? In most instances, they do not, and until they do, they will go on and on in the circle game, gaining nothing from the same. This day, do not choose according to your fleshly lusts, nor according to the dictates of insane leaders. Choose for Me and live.