The Rocks Will Cry Out

I speak unto you this day and I ask: Am not I the Creator? Have not I made the earth and all that is therein? I have likewise made the seas and the skies, and if My people do not praise and honor Me, I will cause the rocks to cry out because of the dullness and stupidity of those who worship idols. I abhor idolatry, and when those who are claiming to be My people turn aside to idols, then I am especially grieved and I find no pleasure in them.

People shake their heads and wonder why the weather and the earth have turned against them. It is because I am disgusted with mankind and their refusal to recognize Me as their Creator and to likewise give praise, honor, and glory unto Me. As can be clearly seen, there are endless situations whereby I am displaying My wrath, fury, and indignation, and yet, because of the coverings of dumbness, people refuse to recognize that I am angry.

Therefore, they go on in their idolatry and cause Me to grow more and more displeased and angry with them. Then the time comes that I am thoroughly enraged with their activities, and I turn them over to the insanity that is ruling in these times, and they find nothing but increasing delusion and confusion.

The consequences of idolatry are lasting and painful, yet, because of the refusal of humans to turn from idols, they suffer tremendously for untold generations. There are peoples and lands that I have totally destroyed, and they are remembered no more, because they chose to worship idols and ignore Me as their Creator.

Because they gave themselves over to demon spirits, they took up ways that were abomination to Me. Then, they only grew more gross in their sinful behaviors, and I grew increasingly more disgusted with them. Of course, the end of such ones was their own destruction, as they and their dead gods ended up in heaps of ruination, and the rocks cried out, and the earth swallowed them.

Yet, even in these times of so-called advancement, people have grown so cold and calloused towards Me, and they want nothing to do with My way. Instead, they think that they can find reasons for the adversity and destruction that is upon the earth, and they come up with all manner of justifications for the weather that they cannot predict, as well as the upheavals on land and sea. In all of their scientific research, they refuse to admit that I am the Creator and that I am above all and I remain long after men are forgotten and their bodies rot and their souls are in hell.

Because of the refusal of humanity to recognize Me as the Almighty who remains forever, they go on in endless research, while they are bombarded by plagues they cannot control. There are upheavals in land and sea, floods uncontrollable, earthquakes, fires, and volcanic eruptions totally not predicted by their assumed knowledge, and they wonder why.

Still, they stubbornly and adamantly refuse to admit that I AM who I say that I am. Therefore, they only wax bolder and more arrogant in their assumed knowledge, as they have chosen to remain in blindness rather than admit that I am indeed their Creator.

If it were not for the faithful who recognize and worship Me, I would easily do away completely with humankind. Yet, I spare for My name’s sake and the sake of the faithful followers who recognize, praise, and honor Me as their Creator. These know that I am the One who has given them redemption through Jesus Christ, My Son and the One whom I have given to them as Savior and Lord.

Be thankful this day to be among the faithful, the true, the redeemed who are privileged to be accepted and honored by Me because you are honoring Me and giving Me the praise and adoration as the One God you love and obey. If you stop and consider the tragedies that befall those who worship idols, such are never ending. Therefore, serve each day in the attitude of gratitude because you are Mine and I am yours.

When I bring calamities and disasters, I will make the way for those who wait upon Me, and they will understand and hear My warnings and pay heed. However, be aware that you are living in an extremely hateful and careless generation, when the rule over the land is insanity. Keeping this in mind, do not be quick to accept the notions of the ungodly and turn aside after their ways. Rather realize that I am the One who has given you life, and I am the God you are called to steadfastly serve, obey, and honor.

There are multitudes who are in hell even now, because they started out right, then turned aside to idols and ended up destitute of their faith in Me. Be aware and forewarned that the demon forces are ever present to offer to you alternatives to Me as the God you are meant to serve and obey at all times.

Indeed, as long as this wicked world is present, men, women, and children must choose each day for Me and not be deviated or turned aside by demon infiltration and invitation into the world of wickedness and sin. It is imperative that those who claim to love Me remain faithful and true to their vows to Me. Elsewise, they are considered adulterous and are likewise put under condemnation for their abominable practices and violations of My standard.

Those who have hearts full of adultery will consider that their sins are acceptable to Me. However, they will find that the day of their destruction comes, and they will be remembered no more. Be therefore alert and alive in My Spirit, and give Me obedient praise and honor at all times.