Determine Your Destiny

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Will you determine your destiny to be always with Me, or will you allow the enemy to get you centered on the world? My people must determine within themselves each day that it is Me that they will choose to serve, to obey, and follow after. I absolutely do not find pleasure in a people who are living in estrangement from Me and going after the ways of the heathen because they are double minded.

Those who will allow themselves to be lured into the world are not loving Me with all of their hearts. Instead, they are choosing to be losing by walking afar off from Me and allowing the seduction of the broad way to lead them astray because they do not determine to stay true to Me. Consequently, they find My way to be more and more repulsive to them because they are choosing for infidelity and are behaving as the adulterous rather than the faithful.

My expectation is that My people would remain true and faithful, not even giving themselves to flirtation with the world. When those who are claiming to be Mine are forever flirting with the world, they have eyes full of adultery and their minds are likewise full of insane and perverse imaginations. Be aware that I know the thoughts that people hold on to, and such are abomination before Me.

When those who are claiming to be Mine are allowing themselves to wander in their minds and hearts, they will sooner or later act out such imaginations and be ensnared in the traps of darkness. Then their relationship with Me becomes a fading memory, and they find themselves slipping and sliding in the muck and mire of the sins they have chosen above Me. Of course, some of them will try to find firm footing so as to be able to escape the darkness of sin they find themselves in. However, few of them make the escape and return to Me through repentance before Jesus My Son.

The ones who make such an escape will find that they picked up a lot of demonic baggage that they will need to get deliverance from. Likewise, they will see how important it is that they do not allow their minds nor their hearts to wander and that they must cut down imaginations at the root. The reality is that whatever roots My people do not get out will come up again and again and cause them trouble and even the loss of their souls.

Keep in mind that you are not meant to grow lazy, nor are you to be hazy. Rather, you are to wholeheartedly push yourselves forward in the way that I have ordained and intended for you to walk in. Therefore, do not be quick to turn aside from Me and go in the way of fools, for far too many who do will die in their folly. Even as I speak to you this day, there are vast multitudes who are bound in hell even now who once knew Me and claimed My Son Jesus to be their Savior. There is no escape for them, as they by their choices determined the destiny that they find themselves in.

Be fully aware and alert to all of the enticements that the enemies offer to you, and resist the same steadfastly. Know of a surety that I do not want you to be engulfed in the wretchedness of the miseries that await you if you do not determine your destiny to be with Me. The truth is that you have to make up your mind and keep it ever determined that you want to be with Me both now and forever.

Consider that when men and women are choosing in opposition to Me, they are fools, and in the end they pay forever for their folly. It is not a light thing to play with the eternal destiny of your souls. It is a necessary thing to be involved with Me as the One you stay true unto. The truth is that I will put everyone to the test, and those who fail because they have grown spiritually lazy will find themselves stuck in the traps of the devil.

If you look at people who are caught in traps, they live in the misery of the same, and in order to be set free, they will have to undergo pain and literally lose out because of what they chose above Me. The best way to prevent such happenings is to not give way to the demonic enticements and enchantments that want to take control of your hearts and minds.

Realize that everything that the devil wants you to bite on is poison, and therefore reject steadfastly all temptations that come your way. In the long term, if you take the straight and narrow way, you will be abundantly blessed by Me because you are keeping yourselves determined that it is Me you want more than the vanity and insanity of this world.

The people who make up their minds and keep themselves determined for Me are the ones who are found well pleasing to Me. It is truly senseless when people are allowing themselves to return to the corruption of their own fleshly natures when they have been set free.

Not all slaves appreciate their freedom, and so they will return to the bondage of sin, and in the same they will die and fulfill their destiny in hell. Such ones are fools, and the reality is that they did not full want the freedom that was provided for them. This is because deep within the recesses of their hearts, wretched roots remained that they actually cherished in fond memories rather than seeing that such roots were poisonous.

Do not despise when My Spirit reveals such roots in your lives; rather, cry out to have the same pulled out, no matter the pain of letting such be taken out of your lives. Be aware that the pain is temporary and does not last forever as does hell.