Baptism of Love

I speak unto you this day and I say that as My people, I want you to understand the baptism of love that comes of Me. When you are filled with My Spirit and are following the commands of the same, you will be enabled to obey the directive that Jesus gave to His disciples. That command was that they should love one another.

As is well known, His disciples were indeed a mixed lot, with men who were from various backgrounds, yet they all readily responded when He called to them and taught that they were to come and follow Him. However, that did not put them in the harmony of brotherly love for one another. This is why Jesus knew that they needed to be united in brotherly love, because it was that bond that would keep them throughout the many ups and downs that they would undergo during their earthly journey.

So it is even now. My people who are truly following in the steps of My Son Jesus are meant to love one another and not allow the enemy to bring in the spirits of division. When My true people are walking in the baptism of love, they are given the divine love that comes of Me. In a world that is filled with animosity and hatred, how needy people are to see the manifestation of love that exists between My people.

If you stop and consider the desolation and isolation where so many live during these times, it is sad to behold. No longer do people think that they need others, for they imagine themselves sufficient in themselves and their technical devices. Yet, they are lonely. Isolated from Me and not having love in their lives, they become easy targets for the agenda of the insane leaders who are intending nothing but destruction for the multitudes.

Of course, this comes about because of the work of the devil and his demons and people who are open to receive the demon commands that come forth like arrows and stick into them, poisoning their thoughts and actions. In these times, there are endless reports of mass murders for no apparent reason.

More and more people are losing control of their lives and are driven by demons to all manner of evil, committing crimes that are horrid and full of bizarre twists that are obviously demonic in origin. Some are resorting to such acts as child rape, transgender surgeries, and cannibalism. The degradation and debauchery are running uncontrolled, and people participate in activities that are against all standards of decency.

How has it come to such a state of affairs? The conditions that are now present are the consequence of unbridled lust, violence, and of course insanity. People are grossly deranged and therefore doing things that would never have been done had they remained in their right minds. Inasmuch as the covering over the nation is “insane,” so are the people reflecting the bizarre behaviors of those who have lost their minds.

Be aware that the conditions cannot be righted as long as the majority of lawmakers are in agreement with the cruelty and corruption that are commonplace and accepted by them. While they are themselves involved in wickedness, they despise the standards of righteousness and do not want to see people found acceptable unto My standards.

Of course, My people are not meant to fall into the muck and mire of hatred and become incensed with the raging and ranting of demons. Rather, as the followers of My Son Jesus Christ, they are going to adhere to the standards of righteousness that I have established for them to walk in.

Be glad even this day that you do not need to be found among the ones who are obviously living in transgression against Me. Rather, you are meant to be living in obedience to Me, as I am indeed well able to bring you forth and cause you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt what true love really is.

If you stop and consider the many ways that people look for true love yet never find it, why is it so? It is because they have not chosen to love Me, and therefore they are more prone to hatred than love, and their attempts at love relationships end them in bitterness.

The world is desperately wicked and vile in these times, and the ones who are pursuing the course of the world are pursuing the course of their own destruction and demise. They will end up bankrupt emotionally, spiritually, and naturally in some cases, because they are trusting in the world, which is ruled by the devil, and the same will prove to be wicked.

Be serving Me and one another as true believers in love. Do not backbite and devour one another, but rather know and understand that by loving and caring for one another you are living in the baptism of love. It is through the leading and the empowerment of My Holy Spirit that you will not be found in the bitter waters of hatred that are drowning the multitudes.

As you are serving in the attitude of gratitude and willing to love one another, you will find that you are kept by Me. This is because you are in obedience to the new commandment that Jesus gave to His disciples: that they were to love one another and serve each other.

Love is not merely a word. It is the enduring manifestation of care, devotion, and affection that My people are meant to demonstrate towards Me and each other. Be glad that you are kept in the bond of love and are not meant to give in to the demonic bombardments commonplace in these hateful times of endless wars, violence, murder, and destruction. Thank Me for My love!