The Shepherd of Death

I speak unto you this day and I say that while the wicked are imagining that they shall remain forever, know that death is ever awaiting them, for they are under the shepherd of death. They are full of iniquity and demon covering over their carnal minds, and the same has separated them from Me. This is because they have chosen to live under the control of demon spirits rather than My Spirit.

I do not want My people to be envious of those who are under the shepherd of death and to listen to them, no matter how persuasive they may seem to be. The truth is, those who are under the covering of death and damnation are there because of the evil of their doings and the hardness of their hearts towards Me. There are endless realms of wickedness, and the evildoers who are pursuing the same are doing so to their own destruction, desolation, and destination of hell forever.

The ones who are rich in the world’s riches because of their own evil conniving and scheming, are in the category of those who imagine that their riches can buy them anything. However, they are deceived, for their riches cannot buy them out of the covering of the shepherd of death. While they are living in the delusion and conclusion that there is nothing that money cannot buy, they deceive themselves and others.

Know of a surety that those who are convinced of their own invincibility are literally under the covering of lies that are the work of the demons they serve. There is no man, woman, or child upon this earth who is invincible in My sight. While they assume that they are everlasting, the only everlasting they will know is the everlasting torments that await them in hell.

Be aware that the wicked, for all of their wealth, will pay in the end, for they cannot buy the redemption of their souls. Once the shepherd of death collects them, they cannot bribe their way out of the prison houses of torment and agony that are their just reward.

It is actually a disgust to Me that men and women are so stupid that they readily eat up the lies of the liar and believe that somehow they will escape the inevitable reality of divine justice. There is none who escapes My justice, and vengeance belongs to Me.

Those who have used their riches and power for the abuse and even death of the righteous will find that the evil they have done is returned to them. Although they imagine their riches are their protection and their safety, they cannot buy protection from My hand of wrath when the same is raised against them.

Stop and consider before you allow yourselves to admire the rich men and women of this world: What is their end? Their end is more dreadful than you can ever even imagine. It is not intended that My people would admire the wicked in any degree, for the wicked are instruments of destruction and are under the command of demonic powers that will cause them much sorrow.

Their sorrow will come here in this life, but they will not repent because they live under lies and love the same. Even if I send My Spirit to convict them of their sins so as to bring them to repentance, they will steadfastly refuse because they are full of the conceit of their own pride.

Those who are My people are meant to face the reality that the riches of this world will pass away and that their lives are not meant to be absorbed in the accumulation of the same. Rather, their lives are meant to be found in Me, for I am the One who gives them life and the chance to gain the true riches that are given to the obedient, the upright, the ones who seek for Me.

The riches that I give are the ones that will determine the rewards that My people receive in eternity. Therefore, do not labor for the riches that make themselves wings. Rather labor with all of your strength for the true and lasting riches that are available in and through Me, for I am the One who is faithful to reward abundantly those who are My sheep.

Know that to be My sheep and My lambs is to be under the Shepherd of life. You will be guided in the way that is eternal and is well pleasing in My sight. Likewise, you can be assured that because I am the Shepherd of those who walk uprightly, they shall not fear the valley of the shadow of death, for they will be protected by My angelic host who will be with them, and My Spirit will lead them through that valley rather than leaving them there. I do not abandon My people as do the false shepherds. Rather, I remain with them, and they know Me as the good Shepherd.

While there are multitudes who are under the shepherd of death, most will remain there because of the wickedness of their own hearts. However, there are some who will look upon the redeemed and inquire even in the privacy of their own thoughts as to why the redeemed are shining. Then I send My Spirit over such ones to convict them of their sins. My messengers will be led to such ones and declare to them My Son Jesus Christ so they can repent and be restored to the place of safety in My kingdom.

The reality is simply that I am the good Shepherd and I desire the lost sheep and lambs to be regathered unto Me and that My kingdom life would be available to them. Do not have expectations of destruction when you are Mine. Rather have expectations of regathering unto Me, for I am indeed the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end. Be thankful this day to know Me as your good Shepherd who guides you in the everlasting life.