I Am the God for Whom You’ve Waited

I speak unto you this day and I say: Rejoice, for I am the God you have waited and longed for. The multitudes have turned aside unto idols, yet because you have waited for Me, I will come to you and give you exactly what you have desired. I do not want a people who are easily swayed to idols and the abominations committed by those who worship idols. I desire a people who wait for Me and long for My righteousness.

You are not intended to worship the gods of the heathen round about, for such gods are false and full of abominable practices because they originate from demons and they are dead. Those who worship such idols are dumb, for their gods are dead and only cause them to obey the voices of demons and to invent all manner of craftiness and wickedness.

When you see the multitudes who have turned unto idols, what do they gain from their spiritual harlotry? They literally gain the way of lies, and in the same they become liars themselves. When people take up with the lies of demons, they cannot remain in the truth. Then, the more they give themselves to the false gods, the dumber they become. This is because they have their eyes on the world and not on Me as the One they love and want to please at all times.

Therefore, in this adulterous and wanton generation, keep your vision stayed upon Me, for I am the One who will keep you through the vanity, the profanity, and the insanity of these times. As My people, do not be eager to go in the way of transgressors and imagine that in the same you will be blessed by Me. No one who enters the way of the wicked will be blessed by Me, for their sins separate them from Me. Know of a surety that I do not intend for you to be separated from Me. I intend for you to stay close to Me and to come forth rejoicing for the miracles and mercies that I give to you each and every day.

My people are not meant to live in the emptiness and desolation of soul that is the cup of those who worship idols. Those who are found in idolatry are literally taking on themselves multiplied curses and will receive misery as their reward. When you hear of the terrible stories of the ones who are in vile and wicked practices, yet wanting sympathy for their misery, realize that they are receiving the retribution of their own choices.

Those who have chosen against Me are fools, for they have chosen to go into the desolation of isolation and separation from Me and the comfort of My Spirit. Instead, they are being dictated to by demons and they will conform to the same. When they imagine that they can continue in sin and be blessed by Me, they are believing in the lies of the liar, and the same will take them down into death and damnation.

Be glad that you do not need to go in the broad way that leads to destruction. You are intended to be purposed for Me, and as you allow the Spirit to direct you, you will understand that it was worth it all to wait for Me as the God you have desired and longed for.

Those whose hearts are full of adultery will find reasons and justifications for their multiplied transgressions against Me. Over and over, they will depart and go a whoring, only to find themselves full of despair and desperation because they choose to be enticed and seduced.

Consider that adulterers are never really satisfied, because their sins are not justified, and those transgressions separate them from Me. While they do lie to themselves, no one can lie to Me and get by, because I know the attitudes and the actions of all who dwell upon the earth. Therefore, I will not stop. I will bring upon them the divine retribution that they are worthy of receiving, and they cannot change the same as long as they are choosing to be separated from Me and the beauty of My highway of holiness.

Be serving Me each day as you are enabled to walk in the attitude of gratitude and come forth knowing that through Me there is no other way that will lead to eternity with Me except through Jesus, My beloved Son. Know that I am the One who gives to you all that you need each and every day, and that it is worthwhile to stay true to Me as the Almighty God.

Now, more than ever, know that through Me you are given the way that remains far past all generations. As you are walking uprightly in Me, so will you know how blessed it is to keep single and upright in the way that I have for you. You will not be as those who are disappointed and desolated. You will be rejoicing and giving praise that through Me you are directed in a plain path and given mercy and miracles over and over.

It is not intended that you would be taken into the captivity of lies. It is intended that you would stay true to Me and be brought forth, enabled to go forward and not turn back. Remember that those who put their hands to the plow and turn back are not worthy.

This in mind, continue to stay true in all that you do, because it is Me who is available to you. I will guide you forth in a plain path and direct your paths as you serve Me in the attitude of gratitude and obey the commands of My Spirit.

There is no reason to complain over the conditions of the world, inasmuch as the world is ruled by wickedness. There is every reason to stay true to Me as the One you wait upon each and every day. Keep your hearts and your hands clean before Me, and do not be seduced into the world.