I Have Your Back!

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be afraid, for it is Me the Living God who is with you at all times. This is because I am the One who desires you to finish the course that I have set before you, and I want you to know and understand that I have the ability to keep you. Therefore do not be afraid, though it appears as though this world will dissolve and be no more, for if you will consider the many ways that I keep you, you will know that I am who I say that I am, and there is no other who is like unto Me.

The reality is that it is Me the Living God who is the rearguard over My people, which means in common language that I have your back. With this in mind, be aware that if you use the weaponry that I have given to you, you do not need to be afraid, nor do you need to be concerned with the plots of the wicked to bring you down by attack on your backside.

If you stop and consider how many are killed because they are attacked and murdered from their backside, this is because the enemies know the strength I have put in the back. It is the spine that keeps humans upright and able to walk and to bend over, and to lie down and rest.

Therefore, when the enemies attack, and they do, you are not meant to yield to them and let their fiery darts keep you down. Rather, you are to enter into the spiritual warfare that will be your weaponry available and ready to use. As My people, know of a surety that through Me you are enabled to rebuke, refute, and refuse their fiery darts, and their arrows can be returned to them.

I do not want My people to be ever fearful that the enemies will strike, when I am on guard over them. Even if the enemies attempt to strike, know that I am stronger than any enemy force and that I can easily dispose of them. However, if My people succumb to enemy attacks and believe the lies of the liars, then they are taken down by the same. Reality is that those who are believing the lies of demons are literally accepting the wicked coverings of such forces of destruction.

Be aware that you are not intended to be accepting the enemy coverings. You are intended to refute such lies, for I do not want you to be taken down in the same. Rather, I intend for you to stand strong and know that “I have your back.” I am with you, and you can rise up in the power that is found through the name of Jesus and cast out such spirits of demonic origin that are attempting to bring you down.

I do not desire for you to be found lying in a heap because you have been wounded. Believe and likewise receive the healing and restoration that I have for you, and come forth knowing that in and through Me you are being brought forth.

Because of the easy acceptance by My people of the lies of the demon forces, there are in these times multitudes who have chosen to believe the lies that the enemies have covered them with. Then their bodies likewise follow the direction of their minds, and they see themselves in the complete covering of defeat and remaining down forever.

Do not believe that you must stay down forever. I absolutely do not intend for you to be as the ones who are down and stay there because they have believed the demons above Me! I want you to realize that it was Me who brought My Son Jesus out of the tomb, and it is Me who has given Him the name that is above every name. Therefore, when I, by My Spirit, instruct you and give you the words of the Spirit, obey such words, for they are living, and you are meant to be in obedience to them.

I have no intention for My people to remain in the conditions of the wounded; I want them to rise again. If you really stop and meditate on the example I have given through Jesus Christ, He was not only mortally wounded, beaten, and grossly abused to the point of death; He was then crucified and left dead and hanging in open shame. Yet He rose again by My resurrection power over His body. Because He was well schooled in obedience, He did not refuse My resurrection power. Rather, He obeyed the same with gladness.

So it is with all of Mine who are wounded. They are not meant to be trophies for the enemy troops. Instead, they are to listen to the commands of the Spirit and to rise up in accordance and obedience to the same. It is Me who has shown to the people who are dead that there is the ability to live again if they will believe in Jesus My Son. Since you have been trained in obedience, the Spirit speaks forth the command to rise up this day and defeat the enemies.

Consider that in obedience is found My Life, and if you desire to be found well pleasing, then obey in readiness the commands that are given to you by and through the Spirit who is in you and with you. I do not want you to remain trembling in fear and pain; I want you to be resurrected and fully equipped, restored, and enabled to march onward in the war for souls. As seasoned and tested, I have full confidence that you will come forth in direct obedience to the words of the Spirit.

The words spoken by My Spirit are truth, and you are meant to obey such words with gladness and rejoicing. The reality is that through the stripes of the beating that Jesus underwent for you, you are healed! Keep on declaring that truth, and see the enemies lose their hold over you!