Abundance in Abiding

I speak unto you this day and I say: How much I desire that My people would come to understand that there is great and glorious treasure to be found when they are abiding in Me. I do not call My people to be taken far from Me and to go in the way of fools. I call My people to be living branches who are found abiding and receiving the abundance that I have for them.

Inasmuch as I am the God of abundance, I desire that the abundance of who I am would be given to those I love and that they would come forth ever rejoicing because it is in Me they are ever abiding. To abide in Me is to gain all that I have intended for you, and I am the limitless God who is far above all humans.

I do not want My people to become dead branches and be found in the rubbish, only waiting to be burned. Rather, I want My people to be found ever abiding and knowing that I am their source and their resource, and when they are attentive to Me, they remain alive. Those who turn aside from Me actually become useless because they die off and either fall to the ground, are shaken off by the wind, or are cut off by the pruner.

The ones who are dead are likewise left to lay and rot, and in the end be burned in the fires of hell because they knew Me, yet turned away from Me as the One they were meant to abide in. They will receive the abundance of miseries, both in this life and the life to come, because they chose to exist in the realms of death rather than the realms of life wherein I am found.

Do not think that I smile upon the ones who choose to abandon Me and go a whoring after the profanity, the vanity, and the insanity of the world. Such ones as go out into the world are literally mocking the great and lasting sacrifice that My Son Jesus has given for them to be redeemed. They reject the mercies and blindly receive the miseries that are awaiting them.

Be aware that as you choose each day to keep yourselves for Me and to abide in My will and not your own, you will be found enabled to rejoice continually, for I am the One who bears rule over you. You will find that I feed you abundantly with the bread of heaven and I give to you the clear, clean waters of life. You are not left to wander in the desolated places of the damned, nor will you be consumed of demons and directed by their insane and vile commands.

As those who are found in the abundance that comes of abiding, you will have the continuing testimony as to My mercies and My miracles that come to you each and every day. Therefore know that I love you freely and give to you freely when you are putting Me as the priority in your lives. Do not allow yourselves to indulge the old and evil carnal nature and imagine that you will find satisfaction in the same. You will not, for such is not meant for you to participate in.

When you are found abiding in Me, you will see how utterly ugly and ungodly your fleshly nature is, and that the same will only lead you into corruption and damnation. In actuality, those who are indulging their old natures continually are taking themselves down the road to death, and by their transgressions, they put themselves in the pile of dead branches.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, for I am the Almighty God who remains supreme. All of the gods of men, that is, their idols, are dead gods, and they bring those who follow them into dumbness and separation from Me. I do not appreciate anyone who turns aside from Me and takes up idols, for when they do, they prove themselves to be totally and completely stupid. You are not meant to be dumb and stupid as brute beasts. You are meant to be alert, alive, and active for Me and My kingdom purposes in your lives.

I want you to realize that you are indeed privileged to be alive with the purpose that I have intended for you. As you live in My divinely appointed purpose for your lives, you will be experiencing the goodness and the greatness of the treasures of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. You will be led and guided by My Spirit, which the world does not accept, because My Spirit is truth and the world is built on lies.

Be glad this day that as you are being led by My Spirit, the motives of carnal men and women will be made evident, and you will not be swallowed up in the massive lie campaign that has captivated the world’s people. Likewise, you will be enabled to detect the mass murders that are being politically maneuvered by politicians who are driven insane with power lust. These possessed leaders are determined to demonstrate their imagined power through wars and rumors of wars. They literally find pleasure in the endless carnage of human lives for their political aspirations and imaginations.

As you are realizing the insanity that rules the world, be all the more thankful that it is Me who has called you for My purposes and plans. So, consequently, you do not need to be under the insane, demon-possessed rulers of the world at this time. Rejoice that as you are partaking of the abundance that comes of abiding in Me, you can share with others the peace that only I do provide.

So many are being overwhelmed by the cruel cares of this life and are desperately seeking solutions in all the wrong places. Therefore, take the time to declare to them Jesus Christ, the Savior and the way to come into abiding in Me, both now and forever.