Tower of Power

I speak unto all who will hear and obey: Let Me, the Living God, be the tower of power in your lives. I do not expect My people to operate on their own strength, nor on their own capabilities. I expect My people to operate according to My dictates and My strength.

When My people are looking to Me as the One who enables them, they will not be made ashamed. It is My intention that when My people have abandoned themselves unto Me, My power will be made manifest in their lives, and they will see that there is none who is like unto Me.

When you are believing upon Me, you will not be overwhelmed by the “terrible times” that are now present and increasing daily for those who are not in Me. Of course, they will be subject to the hazards that are present locally, nationally, and globally. I do not want you to be exposed to such things and by the same become weak and enfeebled. I want you to be knowing that I am the One who keeps My own even in the most adverse of situations and circumstances.

As those who are trusting in Me, you will know Me as your Rock of refuge, the foundation who remains standing when all others have been shaken down by My powerful quaking and shaking of the nations. You are not meant to be looking unto the nations as though they govern you. They do not. It is Me the Living God who bears rule over you, and it is Me the Living God who will bring you forth, and you will be enabled to rejoice that I do indeed keep those who look to Me.

Reality is that while men and women in their pride swell up in imaginations as to their own powers, they are fools, for it is Me the Living God who has created all men and women, and it is Me who can show them to be powerless when I so choose to do so.

Therefore, in this wantonly wicked and perverse generation, do not believe in those liars who make claims that they cannot provide, for while they are claiming their own invincible powers, they are proving themselves to be utter and complete fools who have nothing to show for their pride, for they are powerless before Me.

It is not a difficult thing for Me to bring an end to the kingdoms of men and show that it is Me who remains eternal, everlasting, and enduring; for when the generations of men and women steeped in pride will pass away, such ones will find themselves in hell.

They will be proven to be powerless and unable to free themselves from the prison houses of hell, in which they will remain in torment and terrors. No matter their pleading or their threatening, the same will be proven to be useless, for they are sealed, and there is no escape or pardon for them.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, for you are indeed privileged to know Me as the tower of power, and so you are not dependent upon the transitory rule of men, women, and nations. As you are looking to Me, you will find that you have power over demonic forces, so that they cannot captivate your spirit, and that you can ascend into Me—because, like many who have experienced imprisonment and torture, they found themselves lifted above the realm of their bodies and natural minds. They were only enabled to transcend the natural by the empowerment I gave to their spirits to ascend in My heavenly dimensions.

Do not live in dread or fear for the future. Instead, be thankful to know that I am indeed the King who remains forever as you are looking to Me repeatedly and partaking of the life I provide. Know that whatever comes upon the horizon, you are not to be locked into fear, dread, and doubt. Rather, you are to be found in the great mercies that I will give to you because I am the invincible God who is with you always.

Realize that I have given to you the indwelling Holy Spirit, and you are therefore never alone. As you pay heed to and obey the Holy Spirit directives, you will find that you are indeed renewed in the invincible tower of power that I am. You do not need to be overly concerned or horrified by the antics of the wicked. You can be found ever abiding and giving thanks to Me.

Know that the wicked will receive the rewards of their wickedness, and with the same terrors and torments they put forth will they be imprisoned in hell. Do not ever doubt that I am the God of justice and vengeance belongs to Me. I do not want you to imagine that you must “right the wrongs,” for that is My job, and I am far above all of the puny powers of demon-possessed leaders.

It is a good thing to keep ever stayed on the way that I provide and to not be enticed into the enchantments of worldliness that so many have been seduced by. When people are in full abandonment to the world, they are literally found under the stupidity and darkness that will cause them to be weak, enfeebled, and ready to yield to the rule of the wicked. As My people, you are not meant to succumb to the rule of the wicked; you are meant to run into Me as the tower of power and know that I am your God.

Remember it is Me who is the Almighty, and I do remain invincible and able to keep all who realize who I am and want My rule over them. Therefore, do not be in the fear of men and women, for to do so is to offend Me. I am the only One you are meant to reverence and obey at all times. Be thankful that you know the Spirit that speaks, and you can obey the same. I do not want you to be ruled by wicked leaders who are insane and hell bound.