Sulking, Resentful Compliance

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not find pleasure in those who render sulking, resentful compliance to Me, then expect Me to pity them when they act out rebellion towards My intentions for the perishing. My prophets and My people are not meant to be living in self-pity, for the same will cause them to do many things that oppose My commands. When such ones are found in hardships and troubles, I will hear them if they cry out. Yet, if they do not change after I have shown mercy, they prove themselves to be lacking and unwilling to be used by Me.

It is indeed a great privilege to be given the opportunity to labor for Me and My intentions towards the souls who are perishing in their blindness and darkness. When given the opportunity to labor for Me, it is not intended that people would grow angry and accusatory because of the conditions they endure to do the mission I want them to do.

The ones who accept their responsibility with gladness and rejoicing will not be offensive to Me. Instead, they will prove themselves willing and grateful for the opportunity to see My mercies shown forth unto the wretched who are in spiritual darkness and blindness.

I do not find pleasure in those who, when rebuked for their resentful and rebellious attitudes, continue to complain and sulk over the conditions that they have invited through their disgruntled attitudes. I want those who are serving Me to do so out of the attitude of gratitude and not be begrudging the call that I have upon their lives. When men, women, and children turn to Me in repentance, they are meant to keep the vows that they make.

Far too many, once the dangers, troubles, terrors, and sorrows have been removed by Me, forget all about their vows and return to their behaviors of anger towards Me. Then they do exactly what they want to do rather than keep the vows they made to Me when they desperately needed My help.

Such behaviors as they manifest cause them more troubles, and they find no joy because of their own rebellious and resentful dispositions. I do not find pleasure in the ones who give themselves repeatedly to rebellion and resentment. These actually prove to be a shame to My name if they do not learn out of the chastisements I render to them.

It is because I love My people and My prophets that I chastise them when they are wrong. However, if they are so stubborn and self-willed that they refuse such chastisements, then I turn them over to the emptiness of their own hearts, and there they remain. Do you think that I am pleased with them in such behaviors that cause trouble to themselves and others? I say that I am not, and I am entirely wearied with them in their pride, selfish sulking, and self-pity.

I do not want such negative representatives of My kingdom, for they prove themselves to be false in their relationship towards Me. Those who will hear Me and obey and not have to be beaten as fools will be found pleasing unto Me, while the ones who want to show forth how much they are mistreated by Me are nothing but fools in My sight.

Stop and consider that I do not need any man, woman, or child to accomplish My purposes. I can easily use the angels if I so desire. However, I do give to people the opportunities to proclaim My messages to the world, and even if they are afraid to do so, if such ones who are chosen by Me look to Me, I give them the strength and the courage to obey. If you consider the testimonies of the obedient, they are the ones who have seen My miracles and My mercies openly displayed to a sin-sick and shameful world whereby people were perishing in spiritual blindness and darkness.

It is not up to any God-sent messenger to determine the results of My message. It is the obligation of the messenger to proclaim what I intend for people to hear, and leave the results to Me. Remember, My word does not return unto Me void; it accomplishes that which I send it forth to do.

The reality of laboring for Me is plainly that there are joys and there are sorrows, and those who vow themselves to Me are meant to endure steadfast until the end. They are not meant to “jump ship” as did Jonah and then undergo the chastisements of their rebellion. It is much simpler when the ones who have committed themselves to labor for Me keep their covenants made to Me.

Be aware that the rebellious will not be enabled to enjoy the peace of knowing they have obeyed Me, and the results are not their problem. This is because they allow themselves to get wrapped up in their own creature-comforts and complaints about their extreme discomforts, until they are blinded.

As My messengers, do not get involved with the sulking, self-willed, self-pitying flesh that lurks within you. Rather be steadily resisting the urge ever present to complain and whine about the circumstances of the mission you are called to accomplish for Me. More than ever, do not live in the place of concern for self, for such concern will cause you to lose out if you insist on catering to the flesh and the demands of the same.

I do not want you to be in sulking and resentful compliance. I want you to be in determined and grateful obedience because you are privileged to be redeemed and chosen by Me. Stop and consider: Of all the people who live, die, and perish in the end, it is a great privilege to be given the opportunity to live in My presence and do the will that I have for you to accomplish.