Be Filled with My Spirit

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be filled with My Spirit and be directed by the same each day. Inasmuch as you are living in times when the multitudes are full of darkness and iniquity, be thankful that you can be filled with My Spirit and are not under the control of demon spirits. When those who are being led by My Spirit continue, they will know how sad it is to see the lives of those who have chosen demons above Me.

I call My people to be filled with My Spirit because people are filled with either My Spirit or the devil and his demons. Those who choose for the demonic infilling will find themselves separated from Me and imaging all manner of delusional and insane things that cause them trouble.

I do not want My people to be filled with troubles; I want them to be filled with My Spirit and coming forth under the same. It is indeed a good thing to know that through My Spirit you are being led into all truth, and the same will give you joy and peace at all times.

Be thankful that you are not governed by the demon spirits that are ruling in these times, for such cause sorrows, troubles, terrors, and vexations to the ones who are subject to such forces. It becomes grossly evident that multitudes are being taken in the throes of mental illness, depression, violence, and suicide. Others are caught up in the vicious traps and snares that the enemy forces have prepared for them, and they can never escape.

The increase of wanton, wild, and uncontrollable sinfulness and debauchery is daily becoming more evident in the lives of people at earlier and earlier ages. Even children are exposed to the most vile and filthy of sins and taken prey by those who plot in wickedness to kill, steal, and destroy.

If you stop and consider the ways of the wicked, they only lead to their own destruction, death, and damnation. Yet people are so dull spiritually that they will go under the covering of death with no thought for their lives, nor the lives of their offspring. It does not matter to them that while they themselves are ensnared, they want to see others likewise with them in their misery.

When you are full of My Spirit, you will be given the vision to see the ways that the demons take people into captivity and keep them locked into the very vices that are killing them. I do not intend for people to be devoured by demons; they choose to be filled with such when they choose to believe in lies rather than the truth. Repeatedly, they will go round and round in the tragedies that are ever present to consume them and devour their very lives.

I do not want you to be a part of their schemes; I want you to cry out in the darkness for people to see the light and come into the same. My way is indeed the lighthouse in the gross darkness that is found upon the sea of iniquity where multitudes are perishing in the filthy waters of sin. Those who are filled with My Spirit will shine as lights in this sin-sick and dying generation, when so many are perishing because those who are meant to be filled with My Spirit are not.

I will hold the ones who are claiming to be Christian, who have rejected My Spirit and are walking in their own carnality, responsible for the souls that they were meant to reach out to. When those who are claiming to be Mine are refusing the infilling of My Spirit because they want to keep their own lives, they are literally working in opposition to Me.

In these times when the multitudes have refused to guard their own borders and are allowing all manner of illegal and alien spirits, which are demons, to come in freely, then their lives are ruined by the same. There are wars in the natural physical dimension being fought over national borders, yet at the same time there are nations that are convinced to leave their borders unguarded and unprotected, and the unlawful and alien infiltrators are coming in unstopped.

This mass influx is bringing to such nations troubles that will not cease, because leaders are full of evil political maneuvering and they want inward collapse. These ones are murdering the very nations that support them, because they are causing unsolvable problems and are allowing mass invasion to the point of complete suffocation of the citizens.

So it is, when people refuse to guard themselves against the invasion of demon spirits into their lives, they are inviting their own destruction. They will know the misery of their short-sighted decisions and choices against My Spirit. Troubles and sorrows will fill them, when they could have had peace and joy by following My Spirit.

Reality is that in all times and seasons, it is important that people choose to obey and come forth in My way rather than being enticed, enchanted, and incarcerated in demonic prisons. Yet, because of the refusal of most people to face the ugliness that is daily engulfing them, they go on wanting to believe in lying leaders and scheming politicians rather than My Spirit. They reject sound wisdom and godly counsel and choose instead to believe the lying powers that are present in the world.

The ones who openly claim to be Mine, yet for the sake of their own carnality refuse the infilling of My Spirit, automatically invite the infilling and infiltration of demons into their borders. The consequences are nothing but increasing misery and despair. Had such ones chosen to receive the infilling of My Spirit, they would have been guided away from misery and brought forth into mercy, because I am the One who delights to give to all who are filled miracles and mercy.