Be Glad that I Am Your Shepherd

I speak unto you this day and I say: Rejoice that it is Me the Living God who is your shepherd and I bear rule over you in miracles and mercies. I have goodness prepared for those who love Me, and I will continually pour out the same to those who walk uprightly. However, those who choose in opposition to Me are ruled by the devil and his demons. He is the evil shepherd who wants to see the sheep and lambs destroyed, devoured, and damned.

Because people have grown haughty and high minded, they are of the mindset that they are not in need of the guidance that I desire to give unto them. Instead, they are choosing to be directed and commanded by demon forces that take them down the broad way that is destruction. While they imagine that they are free, they are really in captivity and are on the road that takes them to the prison house of hell. Fools they are who are looking for that which they will never find, for in such a way they are headed to their own destruction.

Those who will be glad that I am their shepherd will know that My way is the higher, superior pathway that leads to eternal life with Me in heaven. As they abide in Me, so are they being strengthened in their faith, seeing for themselves, despite the insanity of the times, that I will be the shepherd who guides them in the safety of My presence.

Natural sheep look to their shepherd to guide them and direct them away from the many dangers that are ever present and will cause them to be found in terrors, troubles, physical injuries and even death. I do not want My people to be fearful and overwhelmed by the adversity that is against them, because they are My sheep. I desire that My sheep will hear My voice and another they will not follow because I alone am the One who is ever present and able to guide them forth that they are renewed and rejoicing. The more that the ones who love Me will be rejoicing, the more they will see that there is nothing impossible with Me.

More than anything, I desire that you as My people would continually be adhering to Me and understanding clearly that I will give you abundance of goodness day after day and that I do not leave you to the wolves. It is through Me that you are intended to be kept in the shelter that I give to you.

It is not My plan that My sheep wander from the fold and are not retrieved. For truly, I go after the ones who have been scattered, tattered, and torn, and bring them back into My fold in order to give to them the help that they need.

It is fools who imagine evil against Me, while all the time their anger against Me is being generated by demons they have allowed to infiltrate their minds and cause them to be accusatory, when the fact remains that I am not only the Shepherd, I am also the Creator of all human life and the earth they live upon. If it was My intention to give people misery, I would never have bothered to create them.

However, in the beginning, it was My intention that men, women, and children would enjoy the benefits of My rule over them and be satisfied with the same. Because of the infiltration into the mind of Eve, she was kindled to lust for the forbidden, and in the process, she was led astray and taken in the way of rebellion. Then she in turn enticed her husband to partake of the forbidden as she had done, and they both were found in transgression against My command to them. Since they chose to believe the liar more than Me, they came under the control of the evil shepherd and took all humanity under the curse that was upon them.

So it is that humans in and of their carnal natures are the enemies of My purpose and plan. This is because they became cursed when Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden and left to make their own way in the earth that likewise was cursed because of their transgressions.

I want people to be reconciled to Me and My Son Jesus Christ. He is the One who is provided by Me for their reconciliation and restoration to My fold. Those who will accept Him as My Son and ask for His forgiveness of their sins will be found with the mark of My sheep. The ones who reject Him will bear the mark of the beast and will act out the darkness of the same.

Know that My sheep do not need to be afraid, for I will lead them by My Spirit to the lush pastures, and I will give to them the fresh, still, and pure waters of life. While the sheep of the wicked shepherd will suffer and live in misery, My sheep will live in the joys of knowing how much I care for them.

Be all the more thankful that you do not need to go after the delusion and the confusion that is dominating in these times. Instead, you can be anxious for nothing and trusting that inasmuch as I am your Creator, I care for you and give you mercy and miracles.

There is no reason for people to wander in desolated places, lonely and hurting because they are without guidance in My way. There is every reason for people to be coming home as did the prodigal who realized how painful and cruel life was outside of his father’s house. Despite his own wrong choices, he humbled himself and made his way back to his father’s house.

The father did not shun him; he welcomed him back, for he was a sheep who wandered far away, got stuck in the muck of the world, then pulled out of the shame and returned. So it is that I desire to see returned to My fold the lost sheep and lambs, and I will welcome them back to My house.