Drunken, Drugged, Damned

I speak unto you this day and I say: Have you considered what becomes of any people when they give way to the demonic demands that are in the world? The results are evident in these times, for the multitudes are drunken, drugged, and damned. Know that it is not My intention for men, women, and children to be caught up in the wickedness that is found in the world. It is My intention that people would pay heed to My instructions and be directed in the same.

You are living in times when there are multitudes who imagine that they are all right, when the truth is they are all wrong. Over and over, they choose in opposition to Me and then wonder why their lives are a miserable mess. The reality is that they have brought themselves into the miserable messes they are found in by their willful and stubborn choices against My righteousness.

There is no remedy for the sin-disease, except in repentance to My Son Jesus. Those who are truly repentant will not be found under the vileness and corruption that they once existed in. This is because they are departing from it and taking the way that I intend for people to live in.

The ones who will keep their repentance and live daily in the same will know and understand that to be granted mercy and forgiveness is a great privilege. So, they will cherish and not abuse the opportunity that they have been given by believing upon Jesus as My Son and the One they are meant to follow.

I do not find pleasure in the ones who are as swine and will be cleansed by His blood, then make mockery of the same by returning to wallow in the mire of their transgressions and partaking of the wickedness of their sins. Such ones as these are stupid because they are seeking for refuge in lies and imagining that there is comfort in the indulgence in fleshly lust.

However, those who turn back will become troubled souls, and they must perpetually lie to themselves to justify their violations of Me. All the while, they harden their hearts and stiffen their necks, refusing the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. Instead, they choose the insanity of evil spirits and obey the commands of demons that will end them in hell.

I do not want you to be found in hell; I want you to be found in Me, for I am your Creator and it is Me you are meant to serve with all of your hearts and obey each day. You are not meant to serve the demons that are enticing and enchanting souls with lies and offers of false security and happiness.

The truth is, there is no happiness in the misery of the damned. They live their lives in the chains of slavery to drunkenness and drug addictions and become more and more debauched by the same. Then they end in hell because they have chosen the misery, the madness, the messes, and there is no more escape for them.

I have desired that people would come to Jesus as their Savior and Lord and through Him be freed from the useless pursuit of sin that they live in day by day. Truly, I have given My only begotten Son to be the substitute for the sins of the dying. When any is aware of their need for Him and they cry out, I hear them and they are given hope.

However, when any chooses transgression and violation, they are choosing to destroy themselves and bring additional curses on their offspring. The ones who are choosing to live in drunkenness, drug addictions, and debauchery are choosing the way of the damned and are in direct obedience to demonic commands. How dumb it is for people to live, die, and be remembered only for their foolish choices and abominable practices.

Life without Me is empty, vain, and void of any worthwhile meaning. While people may put on a religious, or humanistic facade, that does not mean that they are to be found clean before Me. What that means is that they are righteous in their own eyes and that they will justify their hypocrisies because they despise the way of the upright and are full of hatred for the truth that I AM.

Be thankful each day that it is Me that you can serve with gladness and rejoicing because I have given to you the way that is pure, spotless, and holy. When you follow My Son Jesus, you will find that you are not easily deviated by demons because you have chosen the One Way that leads to eternal life in Me. The attitude of gratitude is the one that you must choose each day, because you have been saved from the muck and mire of sin and cleansed of the iniquity and insanity of the same.

Do not believe the liar, who wants you to believe that through the acceptance of lies you will find a better way. You will find the way of condemnation, corruption, and continual crises because of being under the covering of lies. Fools they are who will enter into folly and be imagining that they find fun in the same. No, they are believing the very enticements and enchantments that have damned souls unlimited. When you are living in the land of enchantment, be aware that the enticement of sin will be ever present and that if you take up the idols of drunkenness and drug addictions you are playing with the very elements of death.

Do not allow your minds to be corrupted or your bodies to be contaminated with the filthiness of debauchery. Instead, keep yourselves clean from the ways of the world, for the end of worldliness is death and damnation. To believe the liar and his lying demons is to believe in death above life and to choose the course of damnation and never-ending misery.