Who Are You in Debt To?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Who are you in debt to in this life on earth? There are endless multitudes who are in debt to the world, and they are encumbered and captivated in the weight of the same. I do not want you to be indebted to the world and weighed down to the point whereby you are suffocating under the burden of debts. It has been and is My intention that My people would be free from the tentacles of the world, and by the same able to follow Me wheresoever they are led by My Spirit.

Those who claim to be Mine yet yield themselves to the impulses that the enemies put upon them will find themselves encumbered and overwhelmed. Far too many of those who claim to be My people are looking to have everything that they want in this life, without consideration that they are meant to deny themselves. When you look at the coverings over nations, it is evident why people are motivated in ways that will trip them up repeatedly and cause them to live above their means. Of the nations, those that are considered to be superpowers are built on debts and more debts.

I do not want My people to be in debts that they can never pay off in their lifetimes and to be believing that in such they are pleasing Me. Why should My people think they must have everything that passes away and by such deceit have no treasure in heaven? This is not My choice for those who are claiming to be Mine. The ones who truly love Me will not think that they must have everything that they lay their eyes on. Rather, they will understand and realize that what really matters is that they do My will and obey Me in every move they make.

I absolutely do not want My people to be bound by the world’s values and held in captivity to the world. My people are intended to be free from such values and willing to follow the commands and directives of My Spirit wheresoever I lead them. Consider that the world is full of imbalance, and in these times insanity, leaders, both nationally and globally, are entrenched in ways that demons direct them, and economic disasters are common.

My people are not meant to be taking on the ways of the world and by the same deluding themselves into the false notion that what they want is what really matters. What matters is that My people learn self-control over their spending, their indulgences, and the lust of their flesh.

Stop and consider how many men and women have started out to follow Me in obedience then turned aside to the transitory riches and lost their souls in lust for the same. There are multitudes who ended in hell because they allowed themselves to give way to the lust for riches that are of no value at all in My kingdom.

Do not be easily persuaded to take up the way of fools and by the same be so encumbered and overwhelmed that your lives are full of distress and sorrow. I do not want you to be entrenched in the cares of this life and unable to do what I want you to do. Reality is that there are multitudes who go after the vanities and vexations that only cause them troubles, then wonder why nothing works for them. The truth is that they have abandoned Me and gone after the world and are deceived by demons.

Stop and consider that when you base your values on those things that pass away, you are going after the falsity and the vanity that will bring you much distress and devastation. Do not imagine that I want you to be in the conditions that cause men and women to lose their souls. Before you allow yourselves to be found bound by impulse buying, stop and inquire of My Spirit if you really need what you are lusting for. Many times, you will find that you do not need any such things but merely imagine that you do.

Most people do not store their riches in heaven because they are in debt to the world and can take absolutely nothing with them when they die. When they stand before Me, they will have nothing that pertains to their worldly pursuits. The richest men in this world will find themselves in poverty, for they stored up treasures for vanity and allowed themselves to be ruled by the insanity of the times. Most of those who are married to earthly treasures have no intentions of living for Me, and actually scorn the same as though they live forever.

It is absolutely stupid to trust in those things that the world considers to be so valuable and so important to their lives. Such things as the masses value are nothing more than junk and trash in a few months or years, yet people are slavishly attempting to go for the junk and trash that mean absolutely nothing in My kingdom.

If you are redeemed through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ My Son, you are meant to be indebted to Him, for through His obedience you have been given forgiveness of your sins. That means that you follow in His steps and seek to please Me in whatsoever you do, and allow My Spirit to direct your spending so that you are not in debt because you are ruled by lust.

Let it be Me that you seek to please as you follow in the steps of Jesus and choose according to wisdom. If you realize what the true riches are and seek for them, then you will be found pleasing Me. You only have one opportunity to live on this earth and prepare for eternity.

Do not go in the way of fools and be damned. Choose according to godly wisdom and be aware of who you are in debt to. As you realize who you owe, then you will make choices according to My desires for you.