Will You Drink the Cup I Give You?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Will you drink the cup that I do give to you, or will you turn away from the same? There are in these times many who put on the facade that they love Me and are believers in My Son Jesus, yet they refuse to follow the pattern He established for them. In such choices, they dash away the cup that I offer unto them, and instead, drink of the cup of demons, and by the same are poisoned.

Isn’t it written that many turned away from Jesus and followed Him no more because they thought the same to be too hard for them to cope with? However, in the shallowness of their choices, they failed to realize that in so choosing they were losing out for eternity. Those same ones are in hell even until this day because they chose the cup of demons.

The reality is that whatsoever cup I have prepared for you, if you drink the same with gladness, you will see clearly that I have many good and blessed things prepared for you, for inasmuch as the cup contains suffering, it also contains joy and lasting satisfaction to those who willingly drink of the same.

Therefore, with this in mind, do not make hasty choices according to the temptation that the enemies will put before you. Rather consider there is more to your Christian commitment than to seek for creature comfort and by the same be overwhelmed and taken far from Me. I do not call you to compromise; I call you to commitment in the purposes that I have for you, and as you are walking in the same, you will know the deep and lasting satisfaction that comes when you obey My desires and not your own.

You are living in times when there are so many demon voices ever seeking to enchant and beguile any and all who will listen to them. However, such voices are coming from darkness and are absolutely the forces of wickedness sent to steal, kill, and destroy.

I do not want you to be found in the way of the wicked; I want you to be found in Me. Therefore, learn to refuse the cup of demons, and drink only of the cup that I give to you, for in the same is eternal life. The ones who drink of the cup of demons will pay for the same as they end in hell. Those who drink the cup that I give will be kept in this life and in the life to come because they are choosing the way that I have for them.

My Son Jesus could have turned aside from the cup I had for Him and chosen the cup of demons, but He did not. This is because He was honest and walked in integrity of heart and mind before Me. He did not, as did Judas Iscariot, betray My trust in Him. Rather, He kept His eyes and His ears set only for My purpose and intent for His earthly mission.

Stop and ponder how important it is that you do not become pretentious and hypocritical as some do. Rather, you are ever adhering to Me as the One you love and want to please at all times. The more you are pleasing Me, the more you will be enabled to partake of the mercies and the miracles that I have for those who will drink the cup that I give to them with gladness and rejoicing.

Jesus chose to drink the cup that I had for Him, and by the same took upon Himself the sins of the entire world. He gave Himself to death on the cross that He could be the lamb who was slain to cover the sins of others. I do not want you to imagine that in such He was a fool, for He was not. By His obedience, all who believe upon Him as My Son are given the joy of being born again of incorruptible seed.

The more that My people adhere to Me, the more they will understand that My way is the Way Perfect and is the only way that leads to eternal life in Me. Repeatedly, you will see that the corruption of the flesh is evident in the absolute despotic madness that is so evident in these times. More and more, there are erratic and insane behaviors that are being exhibited by those who are in earthly power.

When you see such ones, know that they have chosen to drink the cup of demons and they are drunk on the same. They cannot choose for righteousness because they are full of wicked intent and will go onward in the same because they are possessed of demons.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude and knowing that My Son Jesus did not refuse the cup that I gave to Him. Remember that I raised Him up from the grave and He was returned to Me and is even now found in My way. He does not lay in the cold tomb; rather, He is in My presence at My right hand, being crowned both Lord and Christ. His Name is above every name, and He is abundantly rewarded for what He chose, that is, to drink the cup that I gave Him.

The ones who did and the ones who do even now refuse the cup that I give will be left in desolation because they have chosen for death rather than life. The consequences of their choices will be hell, and there will be no end or exit from the same. They will be entrenched in the iniquity of their choices and never be enabled to rise up in the newness of life, for they chose the cup of demons. Be aware that I am not mocked, and religious pretenders will be shown up to be the hypocrites that they are.

Thank Me that you can drink the cup that I give, and be assured that the same will bring you forth in the new life in Jesus Christ, whereby you will not be influenced by the insanity of these times, nor taken into captivity by the same. Rather, you will come forth rejoicing because you have made the choice to drink the cup that I give to you in obedience.