Will Tomorrow Bring You Sorrow?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Will tomorrow bring you sorrow? There are multitudes who have no assurance of anything in this life because they are not right with Me and are therefore uncertain in these times of insanity what tomorrow will bring. When people are indulging in sin, they will repeatedly be controlled by demons, which only take them farther and farther down on the road to emptiness. Then, when they reach the end of the road to emptiness, they face hell as their eternal abode.

I do not intend for people to live in the sorrow of separation from Me. They are the ones who are choosing to be losing by going in such a course of destitution and despair. Consider that I am the God of goodness and I choose for men, women, and children to believe upon Jesus My Son and to serve Him as their Savior and Lord. I do not want them to be damned, but they are the ones who choose in opposition to Me, and by the same they are found under the condemnation of their choices.

Seriously consider that to live life only for the gratification of the flesh is to be dead already, because the end of carnality is corruption and hell as the final and lasting abode after death physically. I prefer that people would take the way that I have offered to them through My Son Jesus and believe upon Him and repent.

Sad to say, multitudes bring themselves sorrow in their tomorrows because they are choosing according to the insanity of these times, and in the same, those choices bring them sorrows they cannot escape. I do not intend for people to be motivated and ruled by demons. Yet, when they are accepting the lies of the liar, that is exactly where they will likewise become liars.

It is not good to become liars and by such behaviors grow more and more distant from Me and My true people. Liars are appointed to hell, because they put themselves there by choosing to believe the devil and obeying the demonic orders that will cause them to be cursed. I absolutely do not want you to be cursed; I want you to be blessed because you are believing in Me as the One you serve.

In order to be blessed rather than cursed, refuse, rebuke, and refute the demons that want to take control of your bodies, your minds, and your souls. You are not meant to be the food of demons; you are meant to believe upon Jesus, and by My Holy Spirit be fed the bread of heaven. When you are submitted to Me and in obedience to My Spirit’s commands and directives, you will have the power to resist the devil and his demons, and they will flee from you. Make it your goal to refuse to listen to the lying demons that want to entice you into the web of deception whereby you can lose your souls.

The more that you keep your vision single unto Me, the more clear your vision will become, because you will see beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am indeed the One you are meant to serve. When your eyes are opened to how much the devil and his demons are full of hatred for Me and My people, the more you will understand that you are locked into warfare. You must fight the good fight of faith that you are not taken down and devoured in the ugliness and perversity that are so common in the times of insanity.

Everywhere, nations are at war, and the same is being constantly agitated and stirred up by Media and her minions. Vast multitudes are whipped up, taken down, and wound around by her deceptive and controlling serpentine spirits of dread and sorrow over today as well as tomorrow. People do not cry out to Me. Rather, they seek all manner of idols, and in the same alienate themselves from Me. In their choices for idols, they are insuring themselves with the insurance of sorrow, fear, dread, doubt, and death.

The future of the majority is great and lasting sorrow that will be present in all of their tomorrows here on earth. This is the consequence of their choosing to seek comfort in idols and the sin that accompanies the same. When people give way to sin, they are failing to pay heed to Me, and their sins cause them to be cursed and separated from My presence.

Do not be lured into the enticements and enchantments that will take you on the road of emptiness and end you in hell. Rather, choose to listen to and obey My Spirit, and be satisfied with the way that I have intended for you: the straight and narrow way that will keep you right with Me.

Those who listen to demons will be led astray out of My way and fall into the deep ditch of sin and be unable to free themselves of the muck and mire of sin. Those who are covered in the filthiness of sin will only sink deeper in the mire that holds them captive. They no longer have clear vision, for they have been blinded by the devil and his demons, and the delusions and deceit that they have chosen instead of the clarity of truth.

This day, be aware that you are not intended to go down under the darkness of these forces. You are to enter into spiritual warfare against them and cast and drive them out of your own selves and others. I absolutely do not want you to be involved with the forces of darkness and iniquity. I want you to be involved with the light and righteousness that I provide.

You can make the determination, as did Jesus, who is your pattern, to live totally for My purpose and My plan for your lives. Rejoice that you do not need to face tomorrow with sorrow. Through My power, you can face your tomorrows with gladness and not be involved in the sadness of the damned.